How to become feminine. 15 killer tips from seasoned

Site publishes the text of Alexandra Smilyanskaya dedicated to the concept of hyper femininity prevailing in some charming ladies' heads. Girls, incapable of self-irony, is not recommended to read! And everyone who loves to laugh at themselves -! Welcome to my Blog Let's say you read in internetikah all articles about how to be feminine. He infiltrated and began. Zashibis. Then this article is not for you. Now, look, a flower for you. And this article is for those who are a no-no, and sigh at night on the pillow: "All around - a woman, and I have a solid horses hut yes»

. Again become a woman is very simple. No need for expensive seminars and support groups in the comments to the post, "Paint, whether your hair, do you think, friends?". Just remember. For there is no women who once were not a woman. But just in case, we, too, remembered and recorded. Next time just reread - again and nymphs, is very convenient

In any unclear situation sit and Revi Roar disarms others, and they make the incomprehensible comprehensible situation first and then decide.. . Use the means at hand. For example, the armchair. The house was broken crane? Suppress the first impulse to rush for a wrench. No keys. Armchair! Armchairs in which you can fall, pressed her hands to her temples and sigh. Sigh and call everyone who can and can not. Say that the crane broke down. While said to represent your hamster decades ago. He was dead, the parents were told that he ran, but then you found out the truth. Voice trembling? Excellent. Once and for all forget the lyrics "I flash the router to create a powerful network." Learn the text "I have not pressed!". < No matter what happens, say "Thanks!", Does not make a mistake. merznu! You must be cold. Even in the Caribbean. Even in the sauna. You're a girl, you have to throw a jacket over his shoulders. No very heavy bags from the store. Yogurt and dill - just right. What's for dinner, honey? Dill. It is useful and not heavy. Forget about comfortable clothing. No pants. Studs, narrow skirts. Moreover, they get much more organic to suffer. And only girls are affected, the horse in the furrow to suffer once. Do not give advice. A friend called and asked advice on the subject: "Do you think he would leave me or not?". Do not answer! Say, oh, I still worse, so listen ... squandered the family savings in the SPA. It is not "Are you crazy?", And investment. The femininity investment. He poburchit-poburchit, but at heart will be proud that all nag muzzled, and he - silver lily. < Shut up and smile. This is a deadly weapon, a murderous. The first hour and a half is incredibly difficult to force myself to keep quiet, but then you get used to. Poultice is not where you want, and where convenient. And sigh, sigh. If the husband is sick - do not need a doctor, do not need a thermometer, prick, vinegar and water bottle. We need to sit at the feet and whisper: "Do not die." Standing at the stove with a red face - that's not at all feminine. Top chefs are known to the man, and you make up your nails. Silly varnish, he does not want to dry. You can even cry after sex. But it aerobatics, so we do not know how. < Do not let misled Here, for example, read your choice this article did face zhopku chicken and said the human voice. "This is no femininity, it is a primitive manipulation." And you do not get lost! No - tell me - are you manipulating me, alleging that this manipulation, thereby ensuring that I was mending the tap, I see right through you. Something like this.

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