1874 - The first game, the first set, the first game. There was a big tennis. The event this took place on Staten Island. Still able to and are able to present to the British public playing sports. But initially tennis became popular in France, where, and migrated to Albion.S French origin related games fun and difficult to explain the scoring system in the game. For example, difficult to explain in a game counting system. It turns out, "15", "30", "40" sounds in French quinze, trente, quarante, which is consonant with a beautiful sequence. That's all. Where nicely - logic rest. Well, when the sound of 15-love, 30-love and then, it means 15-0, 30-0, since this harmony is derived from the French l'oeuf, I mean the "egg", and it seems to toe, panymaesh. France ...

1895 - Demonstration of the first film. Well, as a film. On this day, the Lumière brothers showed to friends brief tape "Out of working with the Lumiere Factory". But on December 28 it has already been demonstrated on the Boulevard des Capucines same sensational meter from the train arrival. Horror in the hall. The effect of the presence of free 3-D. The first tape, for obvious reasons, been topicality

1951 - Create a central TV studio in the USSR. Initially, however, broadcast on Moscow and St. Petersburg, in the Union have started to lead to the end of the 50s. In 1964, managed by satellite to conduct screenings with the Olympic Games in Tokyo, 66-year - the first color display. Since 1967 began operating a studio in Ostankino.
Overall, against the background of Western products, television in the Soviet Union it was a pretty pathetic ...


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