Do not hold in the palms of the beam

< Felix Komarov

Do not hold in the palms of the beam.
Do not keep in view the sky.
And crashing with nadnebesnyh steeps,
I repeat, the son of Phoebus.

A short way into the fire
losses And death unsolicited award.
And wrapping the person back,
Can I just fall into the abyss.

And spilling itself on the bottom,
Explode fireworks faith.
Bliss foam wine,
Glorify share berserker.

In the frenzy to destroy the world
And he created him out of the ashes,
I will conquer it, Cyrus,
Let it be, and absurd.

I rule the inner country,
As stated in the Tao - Te Ching
. In foreign - a wanderer and an outcast,
Forgetting his life and name.


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