He laid out Foil ironing board, and then did not believe my eyes ...

Food aluminum foil - the irreplaceable assistant in the economy. Why just do not use it: cooking in the oven, packaging products, cleaning of pots, sharpening scissors, the removal of plaque on the silverware ...

How to iron bystroDlya to accelerate the process of ironing, you will need a roll of conventional food foil.

Take off the ironing board cover, lay a foil surface.

Carefully put on your bag on board and start ironing. Foil - an excellent heat reflector , so all the lines and wrinkles on clothes suddenly straightened at once with 2 sides


Also, using foil, you can smooth out the silk, viscose, chiffon. In order not to leave traces of iron on the surface of delicate fabrics, place the product on the foil, iron is moved at a distance of 3-5 cm from it in stripping mode.

: Takprosto.cc

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