This is just the first line

< Sergei Anchutkin

This is just the first line.
Nothing special.
Prologue, Interlude.
All interesting, do you think will happen next.
Maybe love in every word and point.
Or a magical forest with Sunbird ...
Or at least a little boy suffering from cancer.
But no. Sorry, that is not justified ...
There would not be this.
I just continue to write,
And you - if you can - listen
. Try not to think of that verse -
failure. It is better to think: "That is why, too, want
likes And eat. "
Here on this site must be to interchange.
On the back chills, quickened breathing ...
Suspense in general.
But you just feel skeptical - "completely lost the thread!ยป
The same feeling, in fact, better than others.
Now you probably ask - Why flied a fog ?!
If the topic is not - Draw general
this verse? And besides, lame rhyme,
Criva proportions ...
Elementary my friend: we are with you just bunk * omany
. I could not not write, and you're hooked on the emotion ...
And try to prove to me that you can without them


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