"To Google"

< Patri

Once I was in this world zaguglit - link was on the emptiness

. My name is entered - and everything collapses,

a claim to purity:

To defend against viruses,

from any hashtags,

from virtual thoughts,

quotes from sites of hanging ...

Once in the plates not displayed

violins. Just listen.

But do not go

by mad Schnittke,

Vivaldi, Tartini,

who spoke aloud

about madness, about love,

even drunk in the dash ...

About beauty, death, among the stars, and gulls,

cowardice of those who consciously does not finish,

the depth of the discoveries themselves and the sky,

of sensitivity and sensitivity

to a piece of bread in the hands of the homeless,

a difference of perception about the universes,

the atmosphere, as diverse and loyal ...

to go through this "rabble», -

Yes zaguglit.

But there is only emptiness.

As in us. Everywhere.


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