Each passing decade - it is an opportunity to start over

Our world is changing every year. What once seemed impossible, because society does not approve of, today it seems perfectly normal.

< Website with the permission of the author publishes an article writer Asger Rob (Rob Asghar), who believes that we can choose how to live, not looking at a well-established way of life.

If you are over 30, over 40 or over 50, you probably visit the thought of what you are at this time have been achieved - it's in my age, they say. This is too much.

Let us compare what was seen solid, which was held earlier and that man changed

30 years Previously:. you got married 10 years ago and is now building a family
Now:. < / you have only just begun to understand who you really are, and we are glad that 10 years ago were not mistaken for inexperience

40 Previously:. you bought a house / apartment or change it to a more convenient
Now:. is likely you have moved closer to the city center, where full of life, and peace are a tenant

50 years before.: is about to come gold, quiet years. Adult children will soon leave home or have already left
Now:. you leave the boring work and to re-make a career, actually start to live again

All of these vital steps in common is that you "restart" the life re-select where to move, to think about their values, looking for new opportunities, instead of going to the beaten path

. Our age is unique. We have the opportunity to start over at any time, if we want it, and build a life in accordance with their hopes, dreams and values, even if they have changed. < We have a kind of freedom, which previous generations could not even dream. But, of course, freedom is accompanied by anxiety. The old model of this relieves anxiety: here it is, a clear path to success, all painted in stages

. But is happiness old model no longer works? Are people more than her unhappy? Let's see what has changed.

If earlier the goal of most people to buy an apartment / house, now young people move to the big cities and rented housing. The population of developed cities is constantly growing, and many people 25-35 years consciously decide not to buy a house. Changing the average age at which people get married and have children. In 1960, people preferred to enter into first marriage in 20-22 years, and now - in 27-29 years. It changed the attitude of society towards marriage: now the 25-year-old unmarried women do not look askance. On average, people only 30 years of creating a family and having children. If earlier people all his life worked in the same industry, gradually going up the ladder, but now many can not afford to dramatically change the profession and try a new case. < The 30, 40 and even 50 years, it is quite normal to start again main purpose of the old model was stable and now its not enough. Society is changing so rapidly that many people have the stability of already and do not want.

So if you will soon be 50, like me, you are not required to calm down and remember past victories. < Do not over - 50 years is the time to fully review the life In the words of Bruce Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen), we have one last chance to make the dream a reality.. If proven way suddenly appeared a dead end, it is time to find a new.

Alarmingly, of course. But for me it is obvious that the old recipes for a happy life is no longer working. < What do not we have been years, we shall have the right at any time to start over.

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