On the surface this is a common church, but if you change the angle ... It's just amazing!

Site wants to show you a completely unique structure. The church in Belgium each year attracts thousands of tourists who want to see it with my own eyes the secret - an unusual strukturu.Sozdateli this church decided to put the idea of ​​"art in public places," the so-called public art

Dzhis Kristopher Van Varenberg with his creative team church created from sheets of metal as part of the project of contemporary art. For young architects interest in their sculpture became literally stunning.

On her come to see from all mira

The building itself is located in a remote location near the Belgian city of Borglon, but that does not stop the crowds of tourists flock to the architectural miracle.

Different tiers of the church is literally able to put into zabluzhdenie

Metal sheets, of which is made building are arranged in rows and columns in a special way, so that an optical illusion. Sometimes it begins to seem that part of the church simply vanished into thin air.

Art with podtekstom

Sami authors of the project argue that in this way they would like to wake up the religious consciousness of the Belgians, which was to dry up even in the countryside.

Look iznutri

Inside the church is empty, and, Kristopher Van Varenberg plan, it also reflects a problem in Belgium. It built a lot of churches, but many of them are in disrepair and are not visited by people.

Through reshetok window

Nature is viewed freely through the voids in the structure, and at first glance it is not clear - it is present or on the contrary - there is no


. Depending on the angle at which you look out of the church, the degree of its density and the angle of the light will change.

Solar luchi

The sun's rays passing through the dome illuminate the structure, giving it depth and volume.

And if you look at this building from a height, you feel that it's just an old wooden tserkov

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