20 things that were in every Soviet citizen

In the USSR, the choice among the things were a little bit and he came to visit you with great probability can find something painfully familiar. Soviet era gone forever, but let's remember how it was.

< Website offers a plunge into the atmosphere of Soviet things and take a look at some of them.


In the Soviet Union it was fashionable to collect badges. In the year they stamped their hundreds of thousands. New products released to certain important events. They gave, exchanged, issued for various achievements.

music players and radios

Even in spite of the shortage of goods, music players manufactured for every taste and color.

And this is the most popular player "Juno-301ยป.


The chandelier of Bohemian glass was indicative of the high status of the family, once every six months it is removed and carefully washed from the dust, and then returned to its original place.


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The current generation is perhaps the weak imagine it was so difficult to cope with such a technique. Erred when working on a typewriter, it was necessary to remove it with a razor blade (later began to produce electric typewriters with special whitewash). And what was a mistake in the middle of the text in some very important document? The only solution in this case -. Throw the sheet to cart


Fifteen - popular puzzle with moving segments in the USSR. It is a set of identical square tiles with applied numbers, enclosed in a square box.

Toys Tweeters

Popular in the Soviet Union-tweeter toy is not broke, do not beat and quickly washed. What more needs to be happy child and parents?


Signal lantern "Chernivtsi", too, was probably in every home.


On viewing the impressive size of the TV I was going to not only the family but also all the neighbors if they have such a luxury was not. And still have to run and switch it.

Balm "asterisk"

Sure, we've all heard about the legendary ointment "asterisk", which was the most popular vehicle in the pharmacies of the Soviet Union. This is an effective and inexpensive Vietnamese drug treated anything. And it really helped!

Cologne "Olympic Teddy Bear"

The original bottle is made in the form of the main symbols of the Olympic Games -. Olympic Bears

wall carpet

Wallpapers at that time were in short supply, so the carpets were a compromise solution. They cost quite expensive, however, and was replaced with a painting and wallpaper. And also shows the family prosperity.


These fashionable vychekanivalis pattern on a copper plate special tools and hung on the wall for an interior enrichment.

Counting sticks

Most Soviet first-graders learned to count on wooden sticks and plastic were rare and the present happiness.


Women in the USSR was worth a lot of effort to be beautiful.

sewing machine

The sewing machine was a necessary thing for the Soviet woman, so that the most popular model cars can be found in almost every home.


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Wall clock with the battle that every half hour reminded of its existence.

Disk Phone

Phones that have fallen, broken in half, but never broke.

Phosphorus eagle

My favorite trinket every Soviet child - phosphorus eagle. Probably guess what he liked? He glowed in the dark!

Kids pedal "Moskvich"

The dream of every Soviet child had his own pedal car. In 1969, AZLK plant began production of children's single pedal cars. Perhaps it was the mass brand Kids pedal car in our country.


One produced in the USSR fotoappartov to which the Soviet amateur photographers were taken good shots.

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