10 wise-fantasy films that will inspire even the pessimist

Movies in the fantasy genre has always carried away by his story. Moreover, the line between reality and fiction is blurred so that the viewer believes every moment. And sometimes it is a surreal world helps us not only to escape from everyday life, but also to understand the problems of existence. And the heroes of these films are wise for us so close, that we want to meet them again and again.

Team Website selected for you 10 fantasy that will fill your heart by faith in a better film.

Big Fish Big Fish

Directed by Tim Burton, who was famous for his extraordinary vision, talent presented the story that's based on the novel by Daniel Wallace. Inventors and inventor Edward Bloom before his death wants to tell his son, a typical clerk about his colorful life. William hears skeptical father, whose stories are more like fiction. But after his death, William begins to understand that the pope's words were not far from the truth, and the life it was a real adventure.

Jumanji Jumanji

"Jumanji" - a real concentrate of childhood fantasies! Many of us in the early years came up with the game, which was a wonderful world: adventure, loyal friends, the magic and unseen animals. The creators of this exciting movie could make the dream of bright on the screen. The son of a shoe factory owner Alan Parish is in the basement of the plant with a mysterious thing, "Jumanji" inscription. In the evening, playing with girlfriend Sarah, the boy notices that of the object found can hear strange noises ...

The Green Mile The Green Mile

Senior federal prison warder "Cold Mountain" Paul Edgecombe does not believe in miracles. For many years he worked in the "E" block, which temporarily are people sentenced to death. In such a position very few people manage to keep the warmth in his heart and objective, and one of the staff and all lost human form. One brought a new prisoner. Giant John Coffey is accused of a terrible crime. From this point begin to happen mystical experiences that will make many eyes to see the truth

Hobbit:. An Unexpected Journey The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The first film of the famous trilogy tells the story of a long journey of Bilbo Baggins. The purpose of the campaign is great - the return of a lost kingdom, which captured the treacherous dragon Smaug. The road passes through a wild region, inhabited by goblins, orcs, dangerous Wargs and giant spiders. Bilbo friends with thirteen dwarves and their leader Duboschitom. And after the battle with the goblins he wakes up in the bush Mushroom and see the creature that will change his life forever.

Big Big

That's how our world that all children want to grow up quickly, and adults and then recall their happy childhood. And what if fate will send 12-year-old boy a chance to become a 30-year-old man? Even I can not imagine. Though why it is impossible? After all, this is what happened to the hero of fantasy-comedy "The Grand." The boy was walking in the amusement park and saw a mysterious machine, wish-fulfilling. A desire Joshua was one.

Family Man

Family Man

What did not get in life a successful businessman? Prestigious office, entertainment, general acceptance, the luxurious apartments, the beautiful mistress - it would seem, it is of such a list of dreams, most men. And for the sake of this list, Jack broke up once with a girl Kate from college. Now it's all there. Then why petty thief in the store, he was rescued, he asks, businessman on Wall Street than to help him?

Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors

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Girl Olga ran out of school and collided with a black cat, and then she had to rush up the stairs in the dark entrance. Grandmother tidies capricious ugly duckling and tells her to "take a look at ourselves." Olga in her grandmother understands the task: running to the mirror, taking a jar of jam. She eats a spoon for spoon and admires him, but suddenly the bank is broken, and the cat Barsik jumping in Wonderland. Now Oli will be able to know better his "reflection", because in the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors win only decent.

Dragonfly Dragonfly

Can communicate with us departed to heaven? It is not known. But people do not just convinced that there is a connection. Least of all believed in these stories pragmatic Dr. Joe Darrow. But after the tragic events in his life appear mysterious signs. Children's stories in a hospital. And dragonflies ... But they were a talisman of his wife. Joe's a step by step learning to listen to your heart, to understand the otherworldly "signals".

Ruby Sparks Ruby Sparks

Successful young writer unexpectedly enters a phase of creative crisis. Work on the novel quite moving, and everything does not develop in their personal lives. Then Calvin decides to invent for himself a muse - a girl named Ruby Sparks - smart, attractive, active ... Limit dreams! However, life love material images. And a week later he discovers a "Galatea" in his house. Can I author for a meeting with a real person?

Batteries not included * batteries not included

House - great place for everyone. And sometimes it does not matter that it is not the most respectable of the building of the city. Here the usual everyday life, native walls and a lot of memories. Such as thoughts held Frank and Faye Riley and tenants: the artist Mason and Marisa Puerto Rican boxer Harry. But once they find out that their house be demolished. Prominent developers using dirty methods. Surrender or hope for a miracle? And the city descends night ...

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