Portraits of wild animals in the destruction of Africa, where they once inhabited

Photographer Nick Brandt engaged in a project called "Inherit the Dust" to show the consequences of urbanization in East Africa, which has replaced the wild elephants, rhinos and lions from the territory that used to be free for their movement and distribution. Over the past three years, Nick has seen how the ever-increasing landfill, the waste of the river, emissions from factories destroy the nature of the region, turning it into a barren desert.

For his project Nick used printed portraits of animals, which were placed on special panels in human growth.

Then the panels were installed in places where in the past lived in these or other animals.

Installing the panel took a while, as it was necessary to choose the ideal place, where the terrain is ideally suited to the portrait of the real terrain.

After the pictures have been processed to convert the image into a single whole and emphasize the overall mood of the picture.

These portraits, on the idea of ​​the author, should symbolize the silent ghosts, still walking on their own land, but who have no hope to come back here.

Installing the panels.

: Fototelegraf.ru

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