20 incredibly atmospheric photographs that we have conquered this month

It happens that only one picture can tell a story or to cause a storm of emotions. Such images appear on a daily basis in our section "Photo of the Day».

Sometimes it's just a good angle or a right moment. Sometimes - a beautiful landscape or a unique phenomenon. Most often it is simply a chronicle of our amazing daily life documented by photographers from around the world. These pictures - everything is beautiful, funny and heartbreaking thing that struck us and our readers in the last 30 days

Winter Idyll


most beautiful eyes in the world

«When I got home, pulls back the curtain on the window and I see there's a miracle. I think I'm going to Hogwarts'

Fields with tulips

child waiting for a train. Still, the children are able to create all of the holiday!

Spectacular Baikal

< br> The portal to another reality

This protector

< br>

Rainbow mountains

briefly about the weekend: "one more series and sleep"

When costume - artwork

would you like to hold out for a foot with an otter?

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark carries Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine kindergarten

beauty of nature - it is in the details

Little bear protects mom while she sleeps


< br>
«Blue town" in Morocco

«Sent her husband to walk with your child"

first day at a new job. Vest for growth

At sunset

< br>

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