7 simple steps that will teach you how to properly wash your hair!

It would seem that what could be wrong with such a familiar ritual, like shampoo But stylists, hairdressers claim that constant improper cleaning shag lead to irreparable consequences for it: dryness, breakage, split ends and hair loss


How to wash my hair Pre-rinse
Before you put on your hair shampoo, rinse them thoroughly. So open the scales of the hair better, and the cleaning action of detergent will be more effective. < Protect the tips
Owners of long hair on the note: to protect the ends of her hair from excessive dryness during washing will help air conditioning! Just apply it on the tips before applying shampoo. < Cleaning foam
Watering generously shampoo - an unforgivable mistake. In order not to hurt the hair, pour about 3/4 hr. Liter. funds in the palm, diluted with water and finger free hand vzbey foam. And then applied onto the hair. Do not think that a large amount of shampoo will wash better head, dry up - yes. < More tenderness!
Your movements should be gently and carefully, so as not to damage the cuticle, since wet hair is particularly susceptible to mechanical povrezhdeniyam.Snachala massage your scalp with fingertips, thus you increase blood flow to the roots, which will strengthen growth and hair nourishment. Then distribute the foam over the entire length of hair, slightly remember them, but not three, unless your hair is not in the engine oil! < Go around without repetition
Popular marketing ploy that should be added a second time to use the shampoo does not make sense, if you wash your hair every day or every other day. And at a time means promoet hair squeaky. < Air - not to the skin
Required step care of long hair - use an air conditioner or balm. Before using this tool, gently squeeze the hair to the water glass. Pumps conditioner through the hair, but not to the scalp: in this location will not benefit from it. Balsam is not washed off immediately, wait a couple of minutes, so he had time to work on her hair. < Rinse
After you have washed the air conditioner, rinse hair with cold water. It will close all the flakes of the outer layer of the hair. This trick will give curls extra shine and smoothness. The frequency of cleaning depends on the hair type and lifestyle: greasy hair should be cleaned every day, and the normal and dry enough 3 times a week. Of great importance is water: too stiff making hair dull and brittle. To mitigate possible to pass it through a filter or defend.

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