Daylight bezmyasnoe food - a pledge of beauty and longevity

Increased living standards of quality required by the modern woman always stay in great shape and still radiate optimism and activity. There is no magic pill, after which the skin will shine, and the mood and well-being will improve dramatically. This is the result of painstaking daily work on yourself.
The key to a beautiful appearance and active longevity is a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and proper nutrition ensures coordinated work of all body systems. Modern women are massively experienced by different diets, do not stay on the sidelines and the famous lady. Sati Casanova promotes "bezmyasnoe food", showing off her beautiful figure in the confirmation of the effectiveness of the method, according to women's magazine Source -

. People who have renounced eating meat are called vegetarians. The most severe of these are considered to be vegans. They exclude the operation of an animal person and refuse to use milk products and eggs. Bezmyasnoe beneficial nutrition affects the digestive and excretory system of the body, prolong life expectancy. In addition, this diet allows you to lose unwanted kilos and maintain harmony for many years. It is noted that the transition to a vegetarian diet significantly improves the condition of the skin, decreasing its fat, pores are narrowed and reduced wrinkles.

Eating meat, especially red (pork fat), leads to the intake of "bad" cholesterol and resulting in premature wear of the circulatory system. The consequence of this are the early heart attacks, strokes and premature death. Fatty meats, sausages industrial production lead to malfunction of the kidneys and liver due to heavily used non-natural additives and salt.

The basis of a vegetarian diet are vegetable, dairy products and eggs. A full substitute for animal protein is vegetable protein contained in nuts, legumes, cereals and dairy products. Instead of extremely harmful cakes for dessert indulge yourself vegetarians fruits and honey.

Eating vegetarian has to be versatile and balanced. Sati Casanova recommends before going to a power supply system to get acquainted with the composition of products, to shape their daily menu based on the norms of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. Typically, plant products, composed of carbohydrates, so it is important to monitor the protein in the body. Eat healthy food and always stay young and healthy for many years.


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