20 photographs from which it is difficult to break away

Site publishes a selection of the most interesting and unusual photos taken just a few weeks ago. < 1. After the flood the streets of England swans

2. The kiss of the sun. Rocks Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Italy

3. Partly cloudy. Copenhagen

4. It seems this Quokka like a wise wizard

5. Autumn splendor. Portland, United States

6. My Neighbor Totoro

7. Wind turbines in foggy weather. Denmark

8. of the night sky Paints

9. Mom always protect


10 The main thing - time

11 The gap in the darkness.. Dubai

12. Bengal Tiger

13. A little bit of happiness

14. When there are winter and autumn

15. Magic Opal

16. In the rainy season, the driest desert in the world with thousands of hollyhocks bloomed

17. The ancient fears

18. Tornado in Genoa. Italy

19. Winter in Shweds

20. The main thing is not to the cat ran

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