Robots cook ramen, change their color and size

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The fact that new and interesting things happened in this wonderful world, a few days before we will cover in this article.

Chinese robopovar cook delicious ramen for h2>
90 seconds The owners of the popular Chinese restaurant Toyako Ramen came to the conclusion that they can beat the competition and increase revenue significantly places if corporate ramen (Jap 拉 麺, 柳 麺 RA. Maine) for visitors instead of chefs experts oriental cuisine cooked robots. 90 seconds - just enough away from the two robots Koya and Kona on cooking ramen - Japanese specialties with wheat noodles. Of course, all the necessary ingredients and kitchen accessories at the same time must be available and located in their places.

Development of a pair of robotic "culinary masters of the genre" has cost the owner of Toyako Ramen 1 million yuan, or 150 thousand dollars -.. An amount equivalent to the salary of two cooks, paid for 6 years. Despite the fact that the price of a bowl of ramen is 58 yuan, more than double the cost of a similar portion of food in most restaurants in the city, the influx of visitors wishing to enjoy cooking and Koya Kona and appreciate their art has increased significantly.

This is only the first step, time, reflecting the emergence of a new trend. In the near future the robots involved in the field of catering would play a key role - said the owner of the restaurant Toyako Ramen, not denying however the fact that the secrets of some of the eastern dishes, transmitted from generation to generation have been and will remain the property of the professional cook-man and will be in demand as long as is China.

robokota changes color "wool" depending on the environment h2>

A group of engineers from the Chinese University of Wuhan has developed a robot that can change color depending on the color scheme of his entourage. Details of this work are described in the journal ACS Nano. A unique robot chameleon is designed as a cat, whose body elements printed the 3D-printer. Each of the elements that make up the visible surface of the body is equipped with a built-in robokota sensor and miniature plasmon "display" - a small glass plate with a recess with a diameter of 50 Nm. The inner surface of the recess is covered with gilded electrolyte gel with silver ions.

The interaction of each of the "pixel" with the incident light thin top layer of gold emitting plasmons and becomes reddish. When voltage is applied to the electrolytic gel silver ions come into contact with gold, which is accompanied by a visual change of color, and change the value of the applied voltage to vary the apparent color. The absence of voltage or resetting to zero leads to a leveling effect described. The sensors used in the experiment to detect the color gamut of the background and values ​​required to supply power to respond to the three basic colors (see video.) - Blue, green and red. At the same time, the developed technology does not impose any restrictions on the creation of more complex structures with more advanced sensors, to quickly and accurately react to any changes in the background color gamut.

Detailed results of the experiment are described in the pages of ASC Nano online magazine. A brief report is given in the publication

Already in the short term, say the engineers developed the masking technology will be improved and will create mimicry instantly by the surrounding military camouflage background or means to the same principle to hide any military equipment.

Why was it necessary to create robotarakana? H2>


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