Methods of self-improvement and personal development.

Self - the need for any thinking person who seeks to get rid of stereotypes. The ancient methods of memory training, Tibetan dream yoga and practice astral travel can achieve a higher level of personal development.

Training of consciousness has been known since time immemorial. She was closely associated with religious cults of various ancient deities. People performing rites and honoring tradition, set up your mind to certain values. One way to improve the thought process was the training of memory, known in ancient Greece and Rome. At the time, people have been known recording devices, they are used only by written materials. For example, the ancient orators memorized huge in terms of speech using a special technique, in Latin art "space." Man "tied" every item of speech to a particular place in his house.

Wisdom of Tibetan monks
Anyone who is even slightly interested in parapsychology, it is known that Tibet - home to many occult teachings. For example, Tibetan dream yoga technique allows us to develop the mind, promotes a deeper understanding of the reality around us. It is interesting that, unlike other techniques of spirituality, yoga involves training of the Mind dreams during sleep. Tibetans have always paid special attention to dreams, in their opinion, it has much to teach humans. Such a practice perfected yogis for 3000 years. The person who takes possession of it perfectly, is able to solve both mental and physical problems and complexes. Dream Yoga involves storing, analyzing and possibly changing dreams. According to the Tantric spiritual tradition and Traditional Tibetan Medicine, the manifestation of dreams is based on the chakras, energy awareness and Lunga. If in lucid dreaming you're a beginner, then for the development of memory Keep a diary of dreams, which will record your mental adventure. When you learn to remember dreams, you can start training their management. Unlike Western techniques Tibetan considers man as a unified system of consciousness and the physical component. It is based on a thorough analysis of dreams, which can then be used for therapeutic purposes.

Area nepostignutogo
Today, the concept of "astral travel" is known to many. In general, astral projection and practice of lucid dreams have much in common. However, if you are using the latest learning to manage sleep immediately after falling asleep, then travel in the astral world practiced using out of the waking state with the help of trance. There are many techniques for astral projection: the method of rope swing, stairs, etc. Their essence lies in the fact that the state of waking trance sleep through to get into the world of thought-forms. These methods develop self-discipline, concentration, and also allow you to find your inner world better and, if desired, change it.

Dare, dare to open up new horizons of his mind, do not be afraid to break stereotypes and avoid frames. Higher degree of spiritual development can be achieved only through diligent training and employment which the power of disciplined people with a strong will. However, the end result - a higher degree of understanding of the world - is worth all these difficulties, because people comprehended God, truly happy.


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