13 pictures of what it was to be a student in the USSR

The Center of Photography Lumiere brothers held the exhibition "GAUDEAMUS: From the history of Russian students," which shows fotoentsiklopediya student life of Soviet times: from hostels to academic audiences of the construction teams and potatoes to KVN, from entrance exams to graduation.

Opalin B. June session on the banks of the Neva, 1970.

Sviridov AN, Exaltation D., Hostel, 1970 e.

Boldin A. After the lecture, 1960 e.

Stomakhin I. Students MAI harvested potatoes in a collective farm near Moscow, 1981 god.

Lazarev L., Time study, 1960 e.

Sherstennikov L., students of the Leningrad Institute of Cinema. In the classroom. End of 1950 h.

The students of the Leningrad Institute of Cinema. In dorm. The end of the 1950s. Author: Leo Sherstennikov

Students Conservatory on Tverskoy Boulevard. Author: Valeriy Hristoforov.

Students. Vilnius, 1968. Author: Anastas Sutkus

Student art school. Author: Igor Stomahin

Student Training geological faculty of MSU. 1968. Author: Vadim Opalin

Rest with friends. Author: Leonid Lazarev

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