I missed?

Alina Leonova

I will not.
It will come.
The same hair, the gleam in his eyes.
Hotter breath, stronger look.
Do not turns back.
But it is also naive her laugh,
According to the tender skin tingling running.
Do not confuse anyone,
Surely surrender to passion prisoner.
You will fall in love again. Temptations.
Heartbeat hush, hush -
Do not wake up, do not scare.
All she wants to shout.
Everything ached, and that heal.
And to clarify - that the others did not like,
While drawing your picture
"Why are you taking so long?
I missed?
I'm not your vital
Enough! ยป
Everything is different this time,
Easy, smooth lines phrases.
The same hair and eyes.
I will not.
It will come.


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