How to expand your thinking. Technique erasure.

Our unconscious has in its stock a lot more than show us! It is only necessary to disperse it.

How to reach them and make the unconscious to show us? There will Appliances "Erasing»

Close your eyes and picture before the mind of the white-white screen. This may be a blackboard, sheet of drawing paper or anything. Raise your eyes (of course, closed) up, check that the screen is lifted up high, even edges are not visible. Then looked down, make sure that the bottom of the screen closes the horizon. Do the same for turning left and right. Now look at the center. You noticed? The screen is no longer white. On it there are some blurred images, some silhouettes pictures.
Take a sponge (or brush and white paint or spray gun, or something else of your choice) and erase (paint, mortar) those pictures that have appeared. Immediately new tread. They quickly wipe you too. Somewhere after three or four minutes your brain starts to throw in horror at the screen all that he had accumulated. Images will become brighter, more interesting, will become more bulky and look like cartoons. Whatever they did not have a spectacular scenes, as if you do not want to see "what will happen next," without regret wash everything. Wash and wipe away. Your task - to screen remained white. The most interesting is that along with the images, and you wash your internal dialogue.
When the picture is almost gone, begins the second phase of the war, you suddenly remember that you urgently need to call Alexander Vasilyevich or Catherine Ivanovna, or else you start to overshadow the brilliant thoughts begin to pop muse you verses that immediately want to record. Erases all. Your task now - to the screen remained white. If you learn to catch a state of "white screen", the opening verse and still be repeatedly. So, in the hands of a rag and wash. Look like that's it. The center of the screen is clean.
But then you notice that the images began to come out at the sides. Destroy. All. More than sure that you have fallen asleep. Your brain, fearing that state of silence, threw you into sleep. True?! Do not worry, daily repeat this exercise once and the screen will remain white. After about a week of training, at a time when you are seated comfortably, ask aloud to your question, or think about the task at hand. Concentrate it. And then begin to clear the screen. The first five minutes, wash all that comes.
At some point, you suddenly realize, realize, guess, feel, you feel that you know the answer. This could be an image, a word, a sound, anything, and at first you may not realize that this is - the answer. The main thing that moment something else: your subconscious to understand that you are willing to listen to him. The request is sent, and now get answers to the questions will be easier and easier.
Gradually, you learn almost instantly to paint a white screen while in the subway, in the elevator or on the carpet at the boss. And then you realize that there are clues everywhere.


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