SYSTEM chakra in a woman's body:

The proper flow of energy in our body depends on our physiological and emotional state, our behavior, and many reactions.

A woman can behave like a man because she has activated the centers for men, it is very difficult to take the women's demeanor, wearing a dress and so on. With further development of men's women's centers can begin "disease because the body does not function properly, it will be reconstructed by the male, and the reproductive organs begin to" deny. " It is very common among emancipated women.

The flow of energy in the body of women different from men, although the energy centers in our same.

In our body are 3 energy channels:

• Men sun (on it goes warming energy) - Pingala,
• Women's moon (it goes on cooling energy) - Ida,
• Mid - Sushumna.

Breathing right nostril (with a closed left) - a male activates channel - so good warm up, and after a meal - the food is digested better, we become more active. Breath left nostril (female) soothes, calms, good for those who can not sleep - just a breath left nostril before going to bed and you quickly set up on rest and sleep.

The right side of the body is considered to be men, and there are developing the disease due to improper movement of the male energy, the left side - female.
At the intersections of these channels are formed 7 major energy centers, it is the Chakra, which literally translates as wheel or vortex.

Each energy center has its own physiological characteristics, psychological and emotional color and feeling, depend on it certain organs in your body and certain mental states. Some centers active in men, others more active in women. They are like steps, and developed one after another. So if the very first energy center is not developed correctly, and will play in other distorted music, which means that the energy will move distorted.
Proper development of the chakras is laid in childhood and each chakra has an active influence for seven years, although in other years she also works and works.
If we do not pass a certain age becoming Chakra, we lame in this place all my life.

The first chakra (Muladhara or root) is actively developed and installed the first seven years of life, t. E. From zero to seven.
The second (inguinal or Svadhisthana) - from 7 to 14 years.
The third (or umbilical Manipur) - from 14 to 21 years.
The fourth (heart or Anahata) - from 21 to 28 years.
A fifth (or throat Vishudha) - from 28 to 35 years.
Sixth (frontal or Ajna) - from 35 to 42 years old.
Seventh (parietal or Sahasrara) - from 42 to 49 years.

Then the cycle begins anew, and without going through the lessons of each chakra, one after 50 years could again fall into childhood - surely you've seen these?
Women who, instead of teaching others, young and guidance begin to go shopping, play some strange game, capricious as children, ridiculous dress ...
Men who buy their big toys in the form of machines, different radio models do not assume responsibility for their children, wives ... and so on ...

But if a person passes the correct activation of all chakras, if the energy in his body moves correctly, then day by day he is becoming happier, he has a feeling that he was on the right path, doing everything in time. Each period and each chakra gives a person all the great features and depth of self-understanding.

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