Stories that Melt My Heart ... but how sad to ...

Deep night. My friend and I were sitting in the car, eating hamburgers and potatoes from McDonald's. Here the window someone knocked timidly. Opens. It should be a peasant, who looked clearly out of the village, and behind him near the checkered bags kid 10 years.

- Guys, help me, please, a little denyushku, my son would feed!

As always, I woke up in disbelief. I will buy a bottle, already fed up with these drunks. And I asked him:

- So what are you not going to work like normal people, and a son to feed and provide a good family life? Do not be ashamed to go begging with a child?

- Excuse me ...

He dropped his sad eyes and slowly walked over to his son, took his hand, and with their bags they trudged away.

There is in me something skipped a beat, and I got out.

- Hey, man! So what happened to you? What do you do here at 3am?

- We can not go home. We arrived here from the village to the hospital with his wife. Now these prices! .. All the savings spent on medicines and procedures. Now, with his son sitting in debt, I do not even know how to give them ... I do not ask myself, guys, even the small feed! He had not eaten anything that day. If you only knew how I am ashamed ...

After we heard from the other at the same time out of the car and went to the window of orders.

- Hold on, man, do not go!

They bought a lot of food, shoved it all in their hands. The man was embarrassed at first, but then they jumped on kid food - immediately clear what really hungry.

We began to ask them how they would get home. A man said that after two hours in their village are train on which they will try to get to the house rabbits.

I took money from his pocket.

- So much will suffice on the road?

- What are you, and half will be a lot!

- Well, hold time, can still snack on the road.

- Thank you very much! I'll be back! Come on, good people, I will write down your phone number, a couple of days I'll come back here and I will pay!

- Do not, go with peace of mind. I wish you all good!

- Son, uncles say "thank you»!

- The boy silently thanked us, but without the order of his father in his eyes could see everything.

I will remember for a lifetime emotion that awakened in me when I looked at the trail of the two. They quickly went to the station with its checkered bags and occasionally looked back ...

Ps This story happened a long time ago. I remembered it after my son told me yesterday that he bought some apples grandmother package (which he never really liked). She sold them for pennies, sitting on the curb near a cold house next door. Just think about it! She sits all day waiting for customers, but not to beg! I am very proud of you, son! You think correctly!


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