20 citations psychologist Carl Jung, which will help to better understand themselves

Carl Gustav Jung can be called positive psychology and philosophy. In any neurosis or depression he saw the impetus for the expansion of consciousness.

Website has collected 20 citations disciple of Freud, which will help to understand and accept ourselves as we are.

Withhold not the one who walks away from you. Otherwise, there will come one who comes to you. Anything that irritates the other, can lead to an understanding of ourselves. If you are a gifted person, it does not mean that you have got something. This means that you can give something. The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both elements are changed. Most heavy burden rests on the shoulders of the child - is unlived lives of his parents. Anything that does not suit us in the other, allows us to understand ourselves. Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your heart. Who looks outside - sees only dreams, who looks at himself - awakens. Loneliness is not due to lack of people around, and the inability to talk to people that you seem significant or unacceptable your views to others. Show me mentally healthy person, and I will cure him. We are drawn to the past, to his parents, and on to our children, the future of which we never see, but of which we want to take care of. So, what you resist remains. Depression like the lady in black. When she came to, I do not drive it away, and invite to the table as a guest and hear what she is going to say. Often the hands to cope with mystery, against which the intellect is powerless. Dreaming - a small, well-hidden door that leads into the primordial cosmic night that was soul even before the emergence of consciousness. Who has not been through the purgatory of his own passions, he can not overcome them through. Your eyes will become clear only when you can look into his own soul. I am not what happened to me, I - what I decided to become. We can think in complete control of himself. However, one can easily tell us about us is what we do not have the slightest idea. "Magic" - just another word for the psychic. Our personalities are part of the world around us, and the mystery as infinite.

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