Refugees in Germany dropped the mask, hello, ghetto

The Germans are slowly beginning to recover from the euphoria of the first months of his exceptional kindness and infinite mercy. Those who had previously talked about the stupid "Fritz" pulling to someone horrible - they have no idea about how the brain works at the average German citizen. Germans half a century hammered into the consciousness of shame and guilt for Nazism and caused to other people suffering. This brought up the children from the kindergarten - even at school.
And that's why the Germans are very difficult to overcome themselves and openly, without hesitation, to be honest, "How can these foreigners zadolbali me!" They have triggered some kind of psychological block ... and they merge. No, in his circle are increasingly discussing the subject, with the obligatory reminder that certainly can be sure that friends remember it and think differently: "Guys, I really do not Nazi pig, but ...»

Increasingly, the Germans begin to angrily talking about foreigners. Not about white, and about Africans, Arabs, Pakistanis. For Poles, Russian, Finam and so on. N. They are quite usual. But foreigners from Africa and the Middle East too much different mindset to accept it.
When the amount of "good" was small - the Germans quite a tolerated all this, especially the majority of them have never faced. But now the number of runners for the freebie has exceeded the critical mass and the Germans psihanuli.
Firstly, the media suddenly stopped and the promotion of good pink pony in reports on refugees. Previously, they just do not lick, promptly cut out all the negative from the media and leaked spend too much time on talk shows, and conducted "investigative journalism", proved in the end the whole of Germany, the refugees - nyashki. Stipulated that their evil Natsik. Now everything has changed.
The refugees have managed to break their arrogance and aggression psihologieskuyu blockade even in the minds of the Germans. And sharply in newspapers, magazines and on TV began to show the real state of things. The newspaper «Welt am Sonntag» conducted a survey, even in Germany. It was found that more than half of those refugees do not cross - think of "accidents" good. But those who had to face the poor thing, an opinion strangely changed and well thought of them that somewhere around 20%. And this Gezeta - is not a "Speed-Info". This Sunday the 60-page book and diary «Die Welt».

Emerges more and more interesting. For example, fighting in the refugee camps, denial of refugee clean up after themselves and their demand services janitors, cleaners and maids. Bezhentstsy, which formalized in a small village, require translation into megacities. The reason is not even hide it in the village they have little chance to get acquainted with beautiful girls, no discos and bars, there are no slot machines.
Secondly, the authorities have started to crack down seriously. In Germany there is a system to bind the refugee areas. Residenzpflicht. Germany - the only country in the European Union, which has such a law. Moreover - this law contradicts the constitution of Germany, the EU Constitution, as well as the Dublin agreements. Yes, all around the contrary, but the Germans have defended the right to keep the law, introduced back in 1982. The law obliges to submit the documents to be in the refugee settlements, to which he attributed. It's like on his own recognizance. It is impossible either to drive to Disneyland or to the Alps. Violation of this law entails automatic loss of status without the right to appeal.
So, the Germans tightened the law. Who can not simply bind to the world, not just to a particular city - a district of the city !!! For those who do not understand: is the creation of a ghetto , but without fences with barbed wire.
In addition, the law on families. Previously, refugees can bring relatives, after the legalization in the country. Relatives consider his wife and children. (Parents, brothers and sisters - no). Most of these refugees have no rights. The men were bursting here hoping to bind, and then drag your farm and put on the neck of the German state. Wings broken off. If so you are left somewhere in his wife and children, and the push my way to Germany - so in this "somewhere" safe enough. So let the family in safety and sits. And then, perhaps, you yourself become bored and dumped.
Adopted standards of living and security. Suddenly it turns out that being a refugee - you just will not stretch your feet from cold and hunger, but no more. And it is very sharply cooled the ardor of "accidents." A huge number of remembered that they do not actually fled to Germany, and then to the North.
Finally, in the press and on TV began to appear real information. 90% of refugees - men aged 18-35 years. 20% of Syrians refugees. The bulk - it is the Pakistanis, Afghans, Iraqis and a bunch of blacks from Africa. Already in Europe to their tail sat Albanians, Bosnians and Serbs. But Germany had to pass a law prohibiting even consider the case of economic refugees. In contrast to the situation that existed before October this year - now the natives of the countries in which there is no war, we must quickly and clearly explain that it threatens their lives at home. Otherwise - deported machine. The deportation is now writing one does not advance warning. This is done to ensure that its not hide from justice.
In general, the Germans hair stand on end from the latest news when the media dropped the mask and began to tell everything that previously was hidden by order of the authorities. Well, before the authorities tried to hush up the information in order not to inflame the conflict. And before you know, and have time to integrate poor refugees. I do not have time ...
In the town of Bocholt, which is not far from me, hostels for refugees is not in the quantities that are required and the authorities began to settle the quota imposed on them for social housing. And yet throughout the country on the outskirts quickly erected housing for migrants. Well, that time has come to release the apartment and move into place. The social worker came to just such refugees living on the ground floor apartments designed for wheelchair users, and said this very sad news. Honestly say that the apartment will be occupied invalid, and you have time and the privilege of knowing. The naive man. Lying in the hospital with a fractured skull, a broken nose, face meat, internal organs repulsed. Emergency sanitation worker said to have transferred all - from his apartment he will not allow any pig to drive himself and his family. From his apartment!
And in Duisburg, which is also near here - 100km - destroy the church. Well, that's not like the comrades that the bells ring, crowds go wrong. Yes, and crosses in the mind hanging everywhere.
Even in a small town girl was raped and beaten by two African Negro. Beat for having dared to resist the man.
Well, in Lower Saxony, the two brothers went to the store acrobat «Netto» (such as Dixie in Russia) and stole items needed in the economy. Of course they noticed, and hang the camera. The output delayed, but one managed to escape, while the other was in the seizure, but ... also escaped, although the data have learned it. The police, registration papers and a saleswoman as a witness. Further fun. The girl went to the lunch break to smoke on the street, and there, these two idiots with threats that they would kill if does not pick up paper from the police. In short plate as it is. The girl told the police on these beasts of the threat, addressed to the chief of the network and she was transferred to another store, for the sake of her own safety. But the store was tightened a crowd of refugees from the camp and told reporters arrived in the colors of the Nazi antics store employees and unfortunate brother who was framed. Then there was no more installation and video in this way showed on TV, but less than a week later, has the truth)))
And yet it turned out that the hostel refugees burned the Nazis did not foul. And it is strange that the hostel were burned, and there were no injuries. Here's what we have here near the burned - burned 21 year-old Moroccan, pretending to be a Syrian, to be legalized in Germany. A 56-year-old and a German, who noted arson and attempted to prevent the creeping thing, sent to the intensive care unit, breaking his skull of one of the bottles with a cocktail.
In general - the German news Refugee finally become similar to the truth. The crowd of savages came for the freebie and frantic when dull white meat is trying to prevent them in achieving their goals.

One more thing. Syrians (who are real and come from families with children) are asked to expedite the examination of documents and allow them to work. When asked about the low social sphere and accommodation in a hostel, and not a mansion, they shrug their shoulders and thanks for everything. Touted himself as good builders. Comfortable with the fact that their education in Germany does not cost anything and everything necessary to validate diplomas, and is only a laborer, like other people without jobs. Apply for a job, any. They say they want to quickly start earning money for accommodation and good facilities for families. And this, they compare favorably with the Pakistanis, requiring all the best free then.
Funny: the refusal of refugee status Pakistanis react aggressively and throw various items at police and Refugee Service. They require money. The logic they simply elegant: "We have sold everything to get to Germany, and you decide to send us back ?! Will not work! You vile deceivers! We were left of all, we have given all the money on the road to Europe, and then still walk went to Germany. You now have to reimburse us for our expenses and to buy us a property in the homeland, if you want us to leave !!! »

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