10 films, after which you rethink everything

There are films that you forget five minutes after their completion. There are movies that are playing - toxic to consciousness. There are those that leave a sense of joy and peace. And there are films that change you forever ...

Website picked 10 movies that will look at the world from a different angle.

Samsara h3>

The action of "Samsara" takes the viewer on the sacred land and in areas of natural disasters, in the heart of industrial sites and natural wonders. Such a movie is removed for a long time, it looks to drive and endures over time, since it is a matter of time itself. Recommended viewing.

Waking Life h3> Waking Life

It is a philosophical parable, filled with eternal questions and unexpected answers, here each step generates new puzzles, movie moments collide and flow into one another, as the waves rolled ashore, and the characters are not bound by any laws of nature or the usual logic. This world can be a dream, but can - a reality, but in any case - it is beautiful!

Solaris h3>

This film - a mirror. You will see there reflected. Will you then ashamed of your actions, for your relationship to a close? Everyone - his own life, each - his own conscience, one sees this film in its own way. One of the best films of mankind. Not telling, and the opening. Tarkovsky, in a word ...

Under the Skin h3> Under the Skin

Imagine that you - a lonely guy walking down the street, you stop near a minibus driven by - elegant brunette. It offers you a ride with her, and, of course, you do not refuse it? But the further shock you ... The film author, an intriguing film, the film atmospheric ...

The Elephant Man h3> The Elephant Man

This film - a classic. The heavy, soulful classics. The film is based on the true story of a man who lived in the 19th century, suffered from a rare disease caused by the monstrous deformation of the body. Few films are so clearly and stridently rise to the problem of humanism. It is impossible to hold back the tears!

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives h3> Loong Boonmee raleuk chat

Art-house picture from Thai director. Pondering the reasons for his illness, Boonmee uncle and his family crossed the jungle and reach the cave on top of the mountain, where he meets the spirits and remembers the birth of his first life. Who was he?

The Zero Theorem h3> The Zero Theorem

Imagine that all your life you dream about something, and that dream is unattainable, unrealistic, utopian. Imagine that you live in a gray concrete box and every day trying to get out of it, destroy it. This is a film about each of us. If you have not seen Terry Gilliam's "Brazil" and "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus," then "The Zero Theorem" can hit you right through.

Evening Express "Sunset LimitedĀ» h3> The Sunset Limited

Two radical, completely opposite points of view, indoors, 90 minutes - that's the whole movie. Ingeniously, it is difficult and tasteful. So ardent supporters of action, drive and effects clearly bored, if you do not set yourself up for a thoughtful, serious viewing.

Fountain h3> The Fountain

This film lovers will enjoy such films as "The Tree of Life" and "Mr. Nobody", that is, those who love, when they themselves leave open the possibility to interpret the meaning. You yourself, depending on their beliefs and perceptions, will see their story and its meaning in what is happening.

Melancholia h3> Melancholia

The film is the second in the "trilogy of depression" by Lars von Trier, along with the "Antichrist" and "nymphomaniac". The plot unfolds in the days that precede global catastrophe. On the ground approaching the giant planet called Melancholia. Perhaps beneath it meant our own melancholy, blues, depression? .. It is worth thinking about this ...

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