10 films that captivate with their beauty

in the history of world cinema quite often there are cases when the film became a cult classic and a landmark thanks to the extraordinary visuals. Of course, the sense of beauty is all different, the main thing - not to be confused with the beauty of the spectacle.

In this collection Website movies that capture the imagination of its visual component.

Keepers h3> Watchmen

The film is set in a parallel reality in which superheroes have become part of everyday life. Doomsday Clock is ticking before the collision the leading world powers. And one of the superhero begins to investigate the conspiracy designed to destroy all past and present superheroes.

Fountain h3> The Fountain

Legend has it that there is a Tree of Life, the juice is able to grant eternal life. Thomas goes on his quest to save his beloved.

City pirates h3> La ville des pirates

This film resembles the puzzle without clues, which, by the way, the pirates no question. A married couple and a young girl - the main characters of the film. However, over the picture of what is happening and delightfully surreal visuals matched cast doubt in them, and in reality itself.

Cell h3> The Cell

To find the last victim of maniac psychiatrist Kathryn need using special technology to penetrate into the dark depths of the subconscious mind of a psychopath. Breaking through the storm from his sick fantasies and painful memories of childhood, it is still figuring out where his torture chamber and kidnapped the girl.

Stairway to Heaven h3> A Matter of Life and Death

In heaven, there was an error: Angel could not find her dying in the fog on Earth ward. When he finds the man, who asked to be given another chance. For the verdict to his fate convened Heavenly Court.

Hero h3> Ying xiong

China is split into principalities, but already there is a leader who wants to conquer its neighbors and become emperor of a united country. To send him a killer, perfectly owning the martial arts, but the Emperor found his powerful protector.

The days of harvest h3> Days of Heaven

Thousands of searchers a better life come at the beginning of the century in the fertile lands of Texas, where born a bumper harvest. Among immigrants - two lovers who pretend to be brother and sister. But one farmer falls in love with this beautiful woman ("sister"), and the lovers decide to start a risky game with him.

I - Cuba h3> Soy Cuba

Feature film directed by Mikhail Kalatozov talks about the revolutionary events that took place in Cuba. The film consists of several stories, each of which carried a story about the lives of people before and during the Revolution.

Raise the Red Lantern h3> Da hong deng long gao gao gua

A film about the tragic history of the educated women, which at the will of fate was destined to become the fourth wife of Chinese feudal 20s. Before the audience revealed an insidious mechanism of tyranny and philosophy, going beyond the Chinese tradition.

Orlando h3> Orlando

The boy aristocrat Orlando attracts aging Queen Elizabeth I. fascinated by his beauty, she orders him not to grow up and grow old. Orlando obeys and inexplicably remains a handsome young man at 350 years. But the first half of the period he lives a man, but the second ... woman.

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