Father's love - she is warm

A touching picture of the Fathers, fondly embracing their children, can melt any heart. Normally restrained emotions, strong and tough men are able to express the infinite love - once they take the child's hand.

Website gathered for you the footage warming warm embrace of the father's, who argue that to be a father - it's wonderful!

At first, they are so tiny, it was terrible to take your hands h3>

But before you know it - and here they are already quite large h3>

Even if you - a world superstar, always great to come back to my kids h3>

Paul McCartney and his daughter Mary in 1970

Push to heart h3>

and hold h3>

We have a great responsibility for their lives h3>

are always ready to support, no matter what happened h3>

Tell a bedtime story h3>

And then watch as they sleep sweetly on our chest h3>

We want to protect them from all ills h3>

and sincerely wish only happiness h3>

Every minute with your child is priceless h3>

Like the love that we hold in our hearts h3>

Take care of their dads and hugging them more often - they deserve it! h3>

Photos in the preview: tumblr, © Melanie Tracy Pace

via loft3photography.com/#!/HOME


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