Only one photo on Facebook changed the lives of Syrian refugees It Forever!

Every fourth person on earth curse the Internet for what it is completely captivated our lives, stealing precious time it takes childhood, youth, old age and everything else. Oddly, while every other person on the planet puts huskies for posts of this kind, connected to the same hateful Network. Paradoxically, ...

Today we show the opposite, the positive side of the coin, when the World Wide Web is becoming a major source of good. Internet access, and you are not so bad as you painted!

A touching picture of his father's single, made by chance in the streets of Beirut this summer, literally turned the lives of many people. As it turned out, the man in the picture is called Abdul. He was a Syrian refugee, bringing up her 4-year-old daughter of Rome and 9-year-old son Abdelilaha alone. For the past 4 years the man is in Lebanon and can not find a permanent job.

Abdul Halim al-Qadir and his infant daughter accidentally fell into the lens of one of the Norwegian bloggers. Photographer captures Abdul sells ballpoint pens in the street, while his emaciated daughter lying in his arms.

Gissus Simonarson, the author of the photos, without thinking twice touching photos posted on the Internet, not knowing where it leads. First published photographer frame to track down this poor man.

Still, where Abdul reverently holds on shoulder drowsy Rome and at the same time trying to sell pens, melted the hearts of all Internet users. Instead of the expected 5000 dollars at the expense of the Syrian already received more than 127 thousand dollars!

With this money, Abdul decided to help the needy in the same as himself. At the moment, he was able to open a bakery, a kebab stall and even its own restaurant, these establishments are 16 Syrian refugees.

«It changed not only my life, but the lives of my children, as well as the lives of the Syrians, which I was able to help» i>, - says gratefully Abdul.

Most donations to the account of a father single-listed citizens of Great Britain, the USA, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

This exciting real life story of a Syrian refugee proves that the World Network - is not a gift from the devil, where everything is just ruining their souls. Sometimes the Internet completely reverses the fate of people, being the link between the people of different countries.



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