10 documentaries that will blow your mind

Documentaries are designed not only to entertain us, interested in the story and distract from the daily routine, but also filled with new ideas, unexpected ideas that will excite our minds for a long time, preventing sleep. < br />
Website is a selection of 10 documentaries, which turns our ideas about the world upside down.

The age of the person (age of selfishness) h3> The Century of Self

The film consists of four parts, which describe how large corporations and politicians used the presentation of Freud and postfreydistskih tendencies of human nature to manipulate society and social values ​​in the XX century. Particular attention is paid to the influence of American culture, business and politics Freud's nephew Edward Bernays, the "father of public relations". Well thought-out dokumentalka built with interesting narration.


Personal Journey with Carl Sagan h3> Carl Sagan's Cosmos: A Personal Voyage


This is a cult movie is often called "the greatest educational series of all time," and it has not lost its relevance even after 30 years. Carl Sagan, astronomer and biologist, a famous popularizer of science, had a remarkable ability to talk about complex concepts in simple language, without prejudice to the content. The film tells about the structure of the universe and the history of life and mankind. A separate line of the film - the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Love and the reality of the transitional period h3> Love, Reality and the Time of Transition

This documentary brings us to reflect on "new era" with its slogan "All you need - this is love" and questioned the comprehensiveness of the word "love" and the rejection of a negative reality. What kind of feeling, whether we understand it?

2012: Time for Change h3> 2012: Time for Change

Movies Daniel Pinchbeck raises topics such as security, intelligence and consciousness expansion, permaculture, energy, spirituality, tribal rituals, psychedelic experiences, economics, social relations, and more. In the film explore the ever-growing challenges that we face and offer unexpected solutions already available for integration with modern technology.

Corporation h3> The Corporation

In the film, the concept of "corporation" is compared with a person with symptoms of psychopathy. Most of the day we consume goods, services, information and entertainment is supplied by transnational corporations. But what if this structure is dominant in our existence, crazy? The film clearly tells the story of the evil to which are large organizations in the name of profit. Arguments supported by facts, and interviews with corporate executives.

Barack h3> Baraka

"Baraka" - a powerful visual masterpiece, with which you will go on a tour around the globe. The film uses non-verbal means of narration, so it does not need translation. Just watch the magnificent images and listen to sounds of nature and ethnic music. This is a documentary film about our planet and the diversity of life on it.

Anima h3> Anima

A joint project of several documentary filmmakers, whose plot is based on the idea of ​​the world-famous philosophers. Picks up the theme of creativity, strength of the individual and collective power to manifest your own reality. Although the visual quality and stunning creations, the content gives incredible food for thought.

Point Zero, Part 2: Structure of infinity h3> Zero Point: Volume II - The Structure of Infinity

In "Structure infinity" focuses on the fractal nature of the universe. Through the study of the Mandelbrot fractal geometry and the film takes viewers on a journey through the fractal universe and return to thinking about the nature of reality itself. We see the first part, if you are not familiar with other works of the British writer and journalist Graham Hancock.

The Passion of the particles h3> Particle Fever

Imagine that you could see how Edison lit the first light bulb or Franklin first got electricity. For the first time the film gives the opportunity to observe what makes the most eminent scientists of our time, and how things are great scientific discoveries. We see the work of 6 brilliant scientists on the Large Hadron Collider and the launch of the largest and most expensive experiment in the history of the planet. As they try to unravel the mysteries of the universe, 10,000 scientists and engineers from 100 countries join forces in order to achieve one goal - to recreate the Big Bang. Their mission - to find the Higgs boson and understand what is at the heart of the universe. But our heroes put even more complex and profound question: whether we have reached a limit in the sense of our existence?

DMT: Molecule of spirit h3> DMT: The Spirit Molecule

The film is studied molecule DMT (dimethyltryptamine), presumably synthesized mysterious pineal gland, and its impact on human rights. Doctors, physicists, artists and spiritual seekers jointly explore and measure the consequences of the use of DMT, a potentially powerful psychotropic substance in the world.

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