10 amazing things with us to make music

The site has collected the most interesting and unexpected results of real research, showing how we are influenced by music. After all, the music like everything, which means that it has a role in everyone's life. < 1. Music background increases the effectiveness of training in the gym, but it does not help to concentrate at work. On the other hand, soft music contributes to the creative process Loud - it hurts.

2. Favorite songs that have passed the test of time, usually associated with specific emotional moments in human life. The same song, you can appreciate the different, if you know in advance how it includes the other. If the version number, the first, which you have heard, most likely, will like more than others.

3. Musical tastes of society vary depending on the socio-economic level. In the difficult times of crisis to the top of the charts go meaning of the song, a long and quiet, slower and romantic. As musical tastes you can even predict the state of the market: anticipating difficulties, the company chooses a song easier. And vice versa.

4. For the last 25 years, the songs became more "narcissistic»: in the texts more words related to his "I", and less of those that describe the interaction and positive emotions ("speak", "share", "love", and so on. n.) In this case, almost all the songs is the first line in the charts contain "reproductive Promise" - in other words, to do with sex.

5. And this knowledge has long been successfully used by the owners of bars and restaurants. Firstly, the louder the faster its visitors dried mugs and more often bought new. Secondly, where is playing jazz or classical, people probably spend more money on food than the restaurant with light music, or even without it.

6. Rock stars really "live fast and die young». So it was with many artists, whose albums included Top-1000 of all time. Ranyaya mortality among rock stars, almost twice higher than among ordinary people.

7. Before you get millions of profit for the smash hit, it must create - in this case, too, the costs can reach millions of dollars. For example, one of the songs of Rihanna a cost of 53 thousand before appeared as a singer in the studio.

8. Musical tastes can tell a lot about a person. For example, a thoughtful and complex music (blues, jazz, classical and folk) prefer emotionally stable people who are open to new experience, with above-average intelligence and "gab". By "pop music" People gravitate pleasant and sociable, but not so open and often conservative. And rap, hip-hop, funk and electronics carried away by people who do not pose for the soul and the different liberal views.

9. And that's what many probably did not expect: country music can cause suicidal thoughts and opera fans are so imbued with its aesthetics that are beginning to perceive suicide as the most honest way to end the intractable problems.
Rock music, contrary to stereotypes, not adjusts to suicide. Furthermore, fans of heavy metal - the most mentally healthy people. Less than 5% of them showed abnormal symptoms in the course of research. In general, depression and anxiety are even less likely to fall than most "normal" people.

10. Good music helps to endure pain and reduces anxiety. When you're listening to a song, melody influences your emotional perception more than words. Whatever they were.

11. It happens that song stuck in my head and from it can not get rid. Does it please you not, but is often the case with true music lovers. And you know what? Studies have shown that it is better to deal with it, "tinnitus" than trying to get rid of him - so he leaves you faster.

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