15 unexpected photos of celebrities

Among the thousands of pictures of famous people, past and present there are shots that cause us affection and admiration, forced to smile or cry. These photos captured the daily life of artists, their work environment or when they fool around like children.

We are in the Website gathered for you all the rare photos of your favorite celebrities, who will not leave you indifferent.

Singer Alsu with the song "Winter Dream" from the shooting program "Evening Urgant", 30 December 2014.

Robin Williams and Savely Kramarov in the film "Moscow on the Hudson" in 1984.

Adriano Celentano and Claudia with her daughter Rosalind, 1968.

Andrei Makarevich, Alexander Abdulov and Leonid Yarmolnik 1987.

Sylvester Stallone and Muhammad Ali in the 49th Oscar Award, 1977.

Yuri Yakovlev and Leonid Kuravlev in the film "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation", 1973.

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney wash dishes.

Bruce Lee's own library.

Albert Einstein and his wife Elsa, 1920.

Sergei Bondarchuk and Vasily Lanovoi on the set of gigantic motion picture epic "War and Peace" in 1964.

Young Keanu Reeves.

Norwegian biathlete Tora Berger walks with the child.

Andrei Mironov in the film "12 chairs", 1977.

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney for collaboration, 1985.

Alexander Rowe and George Millyar (Baba Yaga) in the film "Jack Frost" 1964

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