12 celebrities who brilliantly responded to the paparazzi

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To constantly live under the gun cameras. You need to always look your best, that journalists began to discuss the slightest flaws. Celebrities react aggressively to unsolicited photographers, but some approach the matter with humor.

The website has collected photos of stars who, more than anyone, know how to interact with the paparazzi.

Harrison Ford 5ef8a559d2.jpg

Uma Thurman 3804df57b9.jpg

Jim Carrey 8a68b6ca6b.jpg

Ryan Gosling 362c338047.jpg

Benedict Cumberbatch eb83044db7.jpg

Katy Perry 5dca473a04.jpg

Gerard Butler 2f9941a7ba.jpg

Dustin Hoffman 5d5cf833b8.jpg

Simon Cowell d6ddce0250.jpg

Bruce Willis 643c93736d.jpg

Grant Gastin cf6aa1939e.jpg

Leonardo DiCaprio 8dba79a3b1.jpg

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