10 books, from which it gets light at heart

happens that not everything is going as it should be. Small failures accumulate, turning into a large lump, and accelerated into a depression. But there are ways to cheer up and again to believe in themselves and that soon everything will work out - for example, to read some good and bright history.

< Website I have selected for you the top ten books that can lift your spirits even after a hard day.

Cecelia Ahern "Look at me» h3>

This book talks about the things that can not be seen but can be felt. Elizabeth, a young designer, whose time is scheduled by the minute, once and for all banned yourself to dream. But everything changes when her house as if by chance there is a mysterious stranger, a handsome, charming, reckless.

Lucy Maud Montgomery "Anne Shirley History» h3>

Charming work, focussing on the most ordinary girl Anne ... No, still not quite normal. Red-haired and freckled Anne Shirley knows how to see the world with some absolutely magical side. The reader watches as the main character grows up, becomes a beautiful girl, and then mileyshey mother, but one thing remains constant: it good, touching and reverent attitude to life.

Richard Matheson "What Dreams May Come» h3>

Imagine that you are dead! But, as it turns out, life continues beyond the threshold of death. Moreover, waiting in front of an endless journey through uncharted worlds and universes. It was during this trip are destined to go to Chris Nielsen, to be saved from despair and regain hope and love.

Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice» h3>

This is a novel in the traditional sense of the word - not a woman, not a love, and a classic, timeless, true romance. And so it is difficult to come back from the good old England with its epic passions and cozy interiors in our gray noisy modernity that I want to stay in that world forever.

Ray Bradbury's "Dandelion Wine» h3>

Enter the world of a boy of twelve light and live with him one summer full of events, happy and sad, mysterious and disturbing; summer, when every day are made amazing discoveries, the most important of which - you're alive, you breathe, you feel. Timeless classics which will give you a sunny mood.

Anna Gavalda "35 kilos of hope» h3>

This poetic parable about a little thing: choosing a way of life, the power of love and devotion to family. History thirteen boy who once had to collect all their forces and make a step towards adulthood, proves once again - a dream come true. In the end, no matter how much we had a kilo, we always look forward to something.

Joanne Harris "Chocolate» h3>

Roman delicacy soaked flavors of chocolate, chewy caramel, fresh pastries and mystery. Wind Carnival in the provincial town of Lanskne-sous-Tann brought beautiful strangers, mother and daughter. They open in the city of chocolate, and the lives of the townspeople changed forever. Compassion and Tolerance against dogmatism and obduracy of the local "decent" society. Who will win?

Jerome K. Jerome "Three Men in a Boat» h3>

There is time, give way to the era, but readers still can not come off quite incredible story of three carefree travel English gentlemen on the Thames. This book, full of classic British humor - a real cure for the blues. I checked several generations of happy people.

Fannie Flagg "Fried Green Tomatoes at the cafe« stop » h3>

If you bring this volume to the ear, then surely you can hear someone laughing, crying, talking, the noise of the train, the rustle of leaves, the clink of forks and spoons. Listen to the sounds that make their way through the cover, and you will learn the story of a small American town, where, as elsewhere in the world, intertwined love and pain, fears and hopes, friendship and hatred.

Diana Wynne Jones' Howl's Moving Castle » h3>

This book is more than a fairy tale. It is easy and naive, like the wings of a butterfly, cozy, like dinner by the fire, and at the same time, penetration and thoughtfully. The book is about Sophie and the mysterious enchanted magician Hole talks about how important it is just to believe in yourself, failure will accompany you as much as they'll let you do it.

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