20 things that every mother would understand

When a child is born, everything changed, and the rhythm of life of young mothers becomes another. For example, earlier bathing head they spent 15 minutes, but now it is enough of one. Website gathered for you funny observations that will seem familiar to those who have a child. They are not about all mothers, but maybe you know them yourself?

Statement of the child and you start to say "we," "We ate," "We are sick", "We dropped tooth" (though personally I have all the teeth in place). 7 minutes you are doing a lot more things than other people all day. When the kids go to bed, you can do anything. For example, wash, pat, wash floors, and so on. D. When you meet with your friends, they often talk about their crumbs, and how you miss him. You learned how to put the child injections, although I trembled at the sight of a needle. You can do several things at once: to cook dinner, breastfeed your baby, talk on the phone and watching your favorite show. In general, Julius Caesar quietly smokes on the sidelines. Thoughts of sleep excite you more than about making love. You can hear how your child sneezed, even if the court of the night, the door was closed, and your husband is snoring next to you. Baby things you are interested in more than the clothes for adults. Are you ready to swap places with your child than watch as he suffers from a high temperature. You suddenly started to notice a large number of dangers on the road: pit, puddle, evil neighbor's dog named Fluffy. Have they been here before? You understand that one can watch television only when your children will be in bed for longer than 30 minutes. Rest - this is when you go to the store alone, without children. You congratulate the child, he went to the toilet, as if he got a medal. Any toy you are considering just in terms of how many minutes it will be able to take your baby. You change clothes more often than any teenage girl going on a date. Your clothes are in the mess it is not clear what. 15-minute shower with the door closed it becomes like a spa day. You know who the Smurfs, Fixico and other cartoon characters. Also, you catch yourself thinking that humming nursery rhymes, even after the baby is asleep. Now you can proudly celebrate Mother's Day, to accept congratulations and receive gifts.

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