20 recent movies that will leave nobody indifferent

The site offers a selection of films, many of whom did not have hands-free promotional support, and went quietly to the public. But they - the real gems of cinematic art that you will love!

Edge of Tomorrow h2> In the near future, a race of aliens invading Earth. No army in the world can resist them. Major William Cage died in combat, but the impossible happens - it is in a time loop. Time after time, he finds himself in the same battle, fought and died ... again and again. And each repeated battle brings him closer to unraveling how to defeat the enemy.

Cook RV h2> The plot of the film revolves around a chef Charles Casper, lost his job in a famous restaurant in Los Angeles. Carl decides to open his own diner on wheels, to find the lost culinary inspiration and simultaneously to improve relations with his family.

TOP 5 h2> The story of a comedian, who is trying to stop joking and start to behave as a serious actor, when his fiancee, reality TV star, persuades him to arrange coverage of their wedding on her show.

The Boxtrolls h2> He was not lucky to be born in a luxurious castle. Together with the little family fun monsters boy settled directly under the bridge. Fine suits him to replace the usual box. But every night he would roam through the dark streets in search of new adventures. But one day he met a charming girl from high society - and the world changed forever.

Behind h2> A young talented singer is facing pressure from the newfound fame and fortune ...

Blame the Stars h2> Hazel cancer patients. Despite the fact that the disease has receded temporarily, she does not feel a drop of joy. She goes to a support group, which meets once Augustus Waters and instantly falls in love with him. Hazel and Augustus sent in full of passion and life journey that will show them once again that the whole meaning of life can be found in any of its segment.

Congenital h2> Action developed in Los Angeles in the late '60s. The protagonist Larry Sportello works on the basis of private investigation and strongly interested in marijuana. His ex-girlfriend is looking for, but soon the woman disappeared with his new rich admirer. Larry begins to investigate the case.

The life h2> The tape tells the story of a long-married couple from New York who decide to permanently leave his beloved apartment, where he spent the best years of their life together. As a result, they experience emotional stress and go through a lot of different conflicts related to the sale of apartments.

The Babadook h2> widowed woman with a six-year old son begins to pursue the monster The Babadook - the hero of the stories, horror. At first, nervous and strange behavior of the mother and son seem understandable to others - without male support it is difficult to survive. But soon discovers the true reason, because at night it is to The Babadook to scare to death ...

Guardians of the Galaxy h2> brave traveler Peter Quillen gets into the hands of a mysterious artifact, owned by the powerful and ruthless villain Ronan building a diabolical plans to seize the universe. Peter is in the center of the intergalactic hunt, where the victim - he.

The only way to save his life - to unite with the four reclusive rogue: militant raccoon named Rocket, humanoid tree Groot, deadly Gamora and Drax possessed a thirst for revenge, also known as the Destroyer.

foxcatcher h2> multimillionaire John Dupont invites to his estate owner of Olympic gold medal anti Mark Schultz to prepare the team for the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988. Hoping to devote himself to training, decent performance, and emerge from the shadow of his brother, the legendary wrestler Dave Schultz, Mark accepted the offer. But DuPont picks paranoid game of cat-and-mouse with Mark and Dave. This cruel game separates brothers and leads to absurd tragedy.

His child h2> The stand-up comedian at the same time deprived of Donna's boyfriend, work and accidentally becomes pregnant by a man unknown to her ...

Lovers h2> Ethan and Sophie are trying to save your marriage is falling apart with the help of a therapist. When his methods fail, it offers spouses recently: go on vacation in some beautiful secluded spot, promising with almost perfect result. Once in seclusion, Ethan and Sophie gradually begin to notice strange things ...

Wild h2> The plot crushed a failed marriage and his mother's death and lost all hope of happiness of a woman who goes to the foot journey through the territory of the Pacific Crest Trail - the route of the highest areas of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountains. Tests that fell into this dangerous journey to share a single character, it will inevitably heal from mental suffering, but this process is not painless.

Obsession h2> Andrew wants to become great. It would seem on the verge of his dream will come true. The young man sees a real genius, the conductor of the orchestra in the country better. The desire to succeed Andrew quickly becomes an obsession, and ruthless mentor keeps pushing him further and further - beyond human capabilities. Who will emerge victorious from this battle?

Grand Hotel Budapest h2> The film tells the exciting adventures of the legendary concierge Gustav and his young friend, the receptionist Mustafa Zero. The hotel staff witness the theft and searches priceless paintings of the Renaissance, the struggle for the vast fortune of a wealthy family ... and the dramatic changes in Europe between the two bloody wars of the XX century.

Stringer h2> The young man faced with the underground world of freelance journalism crime in Los Angeles.

Adolescence h2> The long-term project will trace the development of a real person from the moment of birth. A unique chance to see year after year, growing up the child, the life of his parents and change of the world as a whole.

Berdmen h2> The plot revolves around a former actor who once played the role of the popular superhero Birdman and now, stepping over his ego, he decides to take part in a new Broadway production with the aim to regain its former glory, splendor and greatness.

The Lost h2> Everything was ready for the celebration of the fifth anniversary of married life when suddenly inexplicably lost one of heroes of the occasion. Were signs of a struggle in the house, the blood that is clearly trying to erase - and the chain of "keys" in the game called "treasure hunt"; beautiful, smart and incredibly inventive annually wife arranged it for her beloved husband. And it seems that these "keys" - posted it here and there strange notes and no less strange trinkets - provide the only chance to shed light on the fate of the disappeared.

Selma h2> The story of life, love and war, Martin Luther King. The fascinating story of prejudice, fortitude, politics, and society as a whole. It's like "Lincoln", only much better. Most likely, this film will bring together in February, the largest number of "Oscars».

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