Women and Spirituality.

If the woman began to engage in spiritual practice, set to its outer side, fanatically comply with any requirements that such "good" intentions it can destroy family relationships and ruin it. After all, the power of women is humility and submission.

But if the woman began to serve God, and improves his attitude towards her husband, relatives, by the same token it attracts them to God. And if she begins to teach her husband a "correct" life, neither husband nor God himself will not be pleased with her behavior.

Even if the husband is a convinced atheist and opponent of religion, he would never dissuade his wife from her spiritual life, if it is properly fulfilling its responsibilities in front of him. Because if a woman is praying to God every day, her husband automatically gets good results of their pious activities, as well as lessons - for his impious activities. A wife to her husband in everything accompanied the progress and success, even in the spiritual life.


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