A psychopath is not you, my friend?

We are surrounded by hordes of psychopaths. We have them, of course, also overlaid, but they are still a lot. Very much. They all need a quick kill nafig. While they have not yet figured out that they have calculated. And make it very simple. According to a British (and how else, one wonders?) Psychologist Kevin Dutton, there are a number of occupations that these evil scum of human society are selected primarily because it is they have the opportunity to succeed.
Remember the ten priority occupations psychopaths learn it as "Our Father", hang this list at home in the most prominent place:
1. The President of the company (who would doubt it. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. They are not so much)
2. Counsel (by itself. These are cold-blooded hypocritical bastards)
3. Zhurnalisty.Tele. Radio. Unscrupulous sales critters.
4. Sellers (I know! Know! Since Soviet times!)
5. The surgeon (also because it is obvious, is not it. Cold-blooded vampires, reveling in the sight of blood and suffering neighbor)
6. Journalists publications. (Strange that rendered separately from television and radio. Very strange)
7. Police (are you surprised? I, no. That's only the seventh place smallish for this rabble)
8. The priest (oh yeah! And yes! Assemblage of hypocrites and pedophiles!)
9. Cook (these too deserve. Since ancient times. Poisoners evil. Who did not know the Soviet dining room - do not fully understand. Came the day of reckoning)
10. Military (and with these all is clear. The furnace!)
Researchers very true noticed those traits that allow psychopaths to achieve success in these areas. It rolls over in cold blood, total ruthlessness consuming selfishness, lack of emotion and focus on results, regardless of the ways of achieving.
People! You have been warned! Declare a crusade this fiend and burned this filth from the ranks of the human race.


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