8 Simple hairstyles for 10 seconds

Sometimes it did not want to bother with hair, but always want to look attractive. Fortunately, there are options for simple hairstyles that make the most faster than explain how to do them.

< Website I have collected some simple hairstyles that will take you a minimum time.

The volume tail h3>

The usual ponytail can be transformed into a chic hairstyle, if we use a little trick. Divide the hair into two parts and make the two tails, placing them one above the other. Slightly nacheshite hair to give volume.

Careless beam h3>

Gather hair into a high ponytail and put on the rim. Make a loop from the hair, and the free end around the screw and fasten a rubber band. Slightly lift the part of the hair above the rim to give volume.

Insert and slay h3>

Separate a small section of hair on the side and screw in the wiring. Secure it with two invisible criss-cross pattern.

The original Malvinka h3>

Separate the upper part of the hair and make a tail. Slightly loosen it, make a hole in the middle and turn out by threading the free end through the hole.

A mischievous curl h3>

Having triangle parting, separated by a small part of the hair in the middle. Screw in and secure the wiring invisible. h3>

The rim of hair h3>

Separate the two small strands around the face and fasten a rubber band back under the hair. Gently spread the rest of the hair on top of the tail.

The beam from the tail h3>

Gather hair into a high ponytail, threading is not until the end of the last turn. Make a loop of a round beam, invisible fix. If your hair is not very long, loose ends can be left below, and if the length allows - wrap them around the base of the tail.

The tail-shell h3>

Gather hair into a low ponytail hand, are not fixed, then install the shell and fix pins.

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