10 stunned the facts about mathematics that will please even the humanities

Even if you do not understand anything in the math, even if the school hated the subject, even if consider yourself pure humanist ... In general, in any case - the facts you like, Website guarantee!

1. The English mathematician Abraham de Moivre in old age once found that duration of sleep increases to 15 minutes a day. Having made an arithmetic progression, he set a date when it would reach 24 hours - November 27, 1754. In this day he died.

2. Religious Jews are trying to avoid all the Christian symbolism and signs, similar to the cross. For example, students of some Israeli schools instead of a "plus" sign written repeating inverted "T».

3. The authenticity of euro banknotes can be checked by its serial number, letter and eleven digits. You need to replace the letter on its serial number in the English alphabet, the numbers add up with the rest of it, then put the result numbers, until you get one number. If this figure - 8, the note is authentic.

Another way to check is folded in such numbers, but not letters. The result of one letter and numbers must match a particular country, as the euro is printed in different countries. For example, in Germany it is X2.

4. It is believed that Alfred Nobel did not include the list of disciplines in mathematics its premium due to the fact that his wife cheated on him with a mathematician. In fact, Nobel was never married.

The real reason for ignoring the Nobel of mathematics is unknown, but there are a few assumptions. For example, at that time already existed Prize in Mathematics from the Swedish king. Others - Mathematics do not make important inventions of mankind, because this science is purely theoretical.

5. Reuleaux triangle - a geometric figure formed by the intersection of the three circles of equal radius a centered at the vertices of an equilateral triangle with side a. The drill is made on the basis of the triangle Reuleaux allows drill square holes (inaccuracy in 2%).

6. The Russian mathematical literature is not zero is a natural number, and in the west, on the contrary, belongs to the set of natural numbers.

7. American mathematician George Dantzig, as a graduate student of the University, once late for a lesson and accepted written on a blackboard equation for homework. It seemed to him harder than usual, but after a few days he was able to carry it out. It turned out that he decided two "unsolvable" problems in the statistics on which fought many scientists.

8. The sum of all the numbers on a roulette equal "number of the beast" - 666.

9. Sofia Kovalevskaya met with mathematics at an early age, when it did not have enough room wallpaper, instead of which were pasted sheets Ostrogradskii lectures on differential and integral calculus.

10. in Indiana in 1897 was released the bill, the legislation establishing the value of pi to 3, 2. This bill does not become law by the timely intervention of a university professor.

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