5 amazing photos prove the possibility of time travel

There are many different stories that need to convince readers and listeners that time travel is really possible. Here are some of the most famous of them.

1. Riddle Swiss watches

In 2008, archaeologists discovered a 400-year-old Chinese tomb of the Ming Dynasty and found in it the ring with the dial on the front. The most striking thing is that the back of the ring was an inscription in English Swiss. Swiss Made - relatively modern mark on goods which means "Made in Switzerland┬╗.

2. Mobile phone in the film Charlie Chaplin

A careful viewing of the film Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus" can be seen a woman who is part of a frame holding a small device from his ear. It seems as if it is a mobile phone, but the film was shot in 1928! Perhaps the woman was holding some other device such as a hearing aid. But why did she then laughed and someone said, if there's no one there?

3. Hipster-time traveler

In the photograph, dated 1941 year, captured the opening of the Golden Bridge in Canada. And then, too, spotted a time traveler. From the rest of the inhabitants, which you can see in the picture, it features sweatshirt, T-shirt, sunglasses - all did not correspond to the style of clothing worn at the time. In addition, the stranger spotted Modern portable camera, which may not exactly be in the 40s of the last century.

4. Rudolf Fentts

In 1876, Rudolf Fentts missing. But that's not the whole story. In 1950, the attention of the police at the intersection near Times Square in New York drew a man in the middle of the intersection. A police officer approached him to offer help, but at this moment the traffic lights changed and the movement at a crossroads resumed. Frightened, the man went to the sidewalk in the direction of the approaching car and in the confusion was struck and killed by a taxi to passing. The deceased was dressed in an old-fashioned costume of the 19th century. High cylinder with thick-cut coat, plaid pants and buttoned shoes. In the ensuing investigation, police also discovered that his pockets were a few interesting things: the old coins and notes (none of them were released later in 1876, their paper was almost perfect condition), a letter sent from Philadelphia in June 1876; brass coin from the nominal value of 5 cents, and a handful of business cards a man named Rudolf Fentts allegedly belonged to the deceased.

5. Photo of a man in an old book

Looking at pictures in an old book, one couple drew attention to the young man, sealed in 1917 in an unusual dress of the time, without a hat, and with disheveled hair.

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