25 photographers, who understand only those who served in the army

Who would not say, but the army, with all its advantages and disadvantages - it's a great school of life. In the army, despite the apparent lack of logic, all operations are always performed for clear objectives. In the army, there is no place to chance, and even the snow melts there is always only on the team.

Military service begins with the way the draft board, and then in part. This can be done in different ways: on the bus ...

... Or even a taxi.

The service need to thoroughly prepare.

Every Saturday - traditional PCBs. Outside it looks like this:

Inside - a much more interesting: Why not a foam party?

Army learns to find creative ways to solve the problem.

In the army, it's called wit.

Especially when it comes to charging your phone.

Although, come across much more creative options.

But the main value for the soldier - it's a dream.

It is for this reason that the socio-state training - a favorite subject for the soldiers. Another very important thing in the army - it slips.

Canticle there on the square and the circle.

A special place in the life of every soldier takes demobilization. There is already possible to unleash the imagination.

The main thing - do not overdo it.

In general, the army - it's great! Love the army.

: Photomontageart.ru


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