15 examples of how proper education bears fruit

These short, magical stories remind us that all children - are small angels, and with the right upbringing of them may grow up kind, sympathetic and generous people.

This boy saved money all year, but not in order to spend on toys (which would be quite acceptable), and to help the homeless. He bought food for the entire amount and made 30 meals for them.

9-year-old boy gave a shelter for animals in my father's garage.

You may have already heard about this story. This kid grow hair for two years, ignoring the taunts of children in school. Then he sostrig them and gave their hair to the hospital for children with cancer.

And this helps the baby rabbit to climb the rest

3-year-old girl Ariana saw bald girl with cancer. When she asked her mother why the girl's hair and heard no answer, the girl is sick, and she dropped it, without hesitation she said, "Well, let's rather give her mine. I've got a lot of them! »

Girl has sold all of its plush toys and donated the money to fund the protection of animals.

This family stray cat picked up a year ago. Their 6-year-old son every day makes the bed for the cat and puts it next to his stuffed animals, the cat knew that he has now have a house, and if all of a sudden he goes to necessarily returned.

9 year old girl is building houses in which the homeless can sleep in bad weather.

Just a brother helping brother to pee.

My mother told her daughter that their cat is sick (she had arthritis) and that it must be very careful what she said to her: "Good Mother. I will not play with her. I told her just to read a book ».

Every morning, 13-year-old daughter of Pope prepares sandwiches to work, signing a bag so it does not mix them with others.

My daughter found out that their dog will do injections. In anticipation of the queue in the parking lot, she kept hugging dog and whispered in her ear that will only hurt a little bit and everything will be soon.

Kid Carlitos spent their savings on something to buy a homeless dog his favorite treat - peanut butter!

This toy dinosaur scars on the right side (probably from the constant clashes with other dinosaurs). Baby Lilly has stuck plaster dinosaur that he was not hurt so much.

But this picture has managed to fly around the world. The boy, who has no light in the house, is engaged in the light of the local McDonalds.


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