Irga — healing properties, cultivation and recipes


A few years ago, I discovered a wonderful plant Irga.I saw it in bloom and I decided to plant it.What was my surprise, when they began to ripen the berries — they were a bluish blue e and tart taste.I have long and the rock is the name of this plant and finally found it, and found a number of Goodies. And now decided to share with you information about this miracle.Buy and safely plant it at the cottage, in the yard, it is not only beautiful, but also very useful.The appearance of the fruits and their ripening, the tree has a multicolor palette placer berries of all hues – from pink-violet-Burgundy to lavender, the degree of maturity. Their collection is stretched in several stages, and to pluck the fresh berries can be a very long time, during the warm season. It is very important to know and remember that the game has anti-sclerotic effect. In addition, it reduces blood clotting, and that the most interesting and unique – it prevents the development and education of thrombosis

Game called a low tree or fruit shrub belonging to the Rosaceae family and the subfamily of Apple. Saskatoon is a perennial plant, this tree-like shrub can grow to a height of five meters, and in diameter about two meters. Game – undemanding plant, it features excellent winter hardiness. However, for proper growth and development of this plant needs excellent lighting. Wild Saskatoon grows in the Crimea and in the Caucasus. The cultivated plant can be found in garden farms in Kazakhstan, Siberia and the Urals. Moreover, the Irga can be grown as a decorative shrub in parks, and as a honey plant in the gardens. Flowering of amelanchier occurs in April and may months. Because of the structure and shapes of brushes cream or white flowers, often confused with the cherry. She also like cherries in the spring literally littered with liberally covering the crown of small flowers. In the spring of the year shoots of Saskatoon omitted. The leaves of this plant are whole, rounded, toothed on the edges, closer to the fall, they become dark red. Wood of amelanchier strong, grey colour with red veins. Despite the fact that the species of amelanchier have very minor differences from each other, the most common cultural types think kruglovatoe Irga, Irgu ordinary, Irgu canadian and Irgu pigweed.

Description of fruit of amelanchier Fruit of amelanchier the shape is very reminiscent of the small fruit of the Apple tree, whose diameter is usually about 10 mm, the only difference is that on top of the fruit of amelanchier, which is often simply called a currant, are the sepals. Mature fruit-korinki every year, in late summer, but it doesn't happen evenly, so the crop is removed gradually as the ripening of Saskatoon. For good flowering and ripening of fruits of amelanchier need high illumination. Rounded fruits are usually purple-red and dark blue color, thin skin, a whitish waxy coating. The core of the fruit of amelanchier is moist, with a nice strong smell and sweetness.

Use shadberry Well tolerate the cold Russian winters, hardy and useful tree Irga valued by gardeners, it's juicy fruit-apples to taste and to adults and children, and even birds, from which the Irga should also be protected. Rich in curative composition of Saskatoon berries and their processing makes the game priceless product during periods of seasonal deficiency diseases.

The Irga used both in fresh form and in the form of jam, jam, jelly, juice, compote, marshmallows, jam, jelly. This berry is dried it can also prepare fruit wine and liqueurs. Squeezed from Saskatoon juice has a very low acidity, therefore, perfectly combined with sour red currant berries. Interestingly, before to from Saskatoon juice, berries, pre-dried under the sun to increase their sugar to improve the flavor.

Valuable composition of fruits of amelanchier sweetness of the GDI is that its fruit is very much sugar, which determined more than 10%. Of the organic acids Irga contains almost one malic acid, vitamins C and P, provitamin A, vitamins B (especially vitamin B2). The composition of fruits found to contain tannins, coumarins, sterols, flavanols (P-active compounds, natural antioxidants), as well as valuable trace elements: cobalt, copper, and lead.

In the practice of traditional healers found its use not only the fruit but also the leaves and bark of amelanchier.

The therapeutic properties of the Irga the Irga is considered the perfect multivitamin preparation. Moreover, its fruits are found elements that have a marked effect protivoskleroticheskoe. The use of Irga helps reduce clotting ability of blood also prevents the development of thrombosis in blood vessels. With the help of the fruit of amelanchier treat not only atherosclerosis, but also other diseases of vessels and hearts, and found in fruits of amelanchier beta sitosterol is an antagonist of cholesterol.

Using food irgu, you can not only strengthen immunity, but to normalize the process of falling asleep and sleep. Moreover, the juice of these berries have long been used by healers as enveloping and astringent medicines. In addition astringent characteristics have bark and leaves, which also found high levels of tannins. Use these plant parts in the ratio of one part plant material to ten parts water.

The ability of GDI to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and increase their elasticity due to the content of fruit vitamin C and P. Such a property of Saskatoon helps to prevent the development of myocardial infarction, and varicose veins, which is especially important for people in old age. And juice, and the fruits of amelanchier recommended to drink as people with heart problems and blood vessels, and those who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, especially if they provoked the digestive disorders.

The juice of the Irga is applied externally, they caress the throat in the treatment of angina, and is also used for getting rid of festering wounds. Freshly picked Saskatoon has a great calming effect and beneficial effect on the activity of the Central nervous system, therefore useful for restless sleep and insomnia, particularly because it can be used by adults and children.

Has beneficial effects on the heart and reduces arterial blood pressure and infusion of the flowers of amelanchier.

The use of Irga in cooking, the Fruit of amelanchier, having a sweet taste, used in cooking both fresh and dried and prepared by the thermal method. Interestingly, dried Irga is often compared with blueberries and use it like this berry.

To make juice from the Irga, in conjunction with a very low acid fruits, it is combined with a quite sour juice currants white and red varieties. Pre-dried berries are crushed initially, then squeeze out the juice, combine it with currant juice and after pasteurization (at temperatures above 80°C) is poured into a glass container.

To get from Saskatoon fragrant and delicious jam, washed berries should be pre-problanshirovat (not more than 2 minutes), then combine with prepared sugar syrup and bring to the boil. After eight hours, the jam should again bring to a boil, adding in the end of cooking time per kilogram of berries one gram of citric acid. The calculation of the sugar produced in the following way: a kilo of Saskatoon to take a pound of sugar.

For the manufacture of shadberry mashed, ripe fruits are blanched in boiling water not more than 2 minutes, strain off water and put the Irga through a meat grinder (you can grind through a sieve). Then combine the berries with sugar in a ratio of 1:1. Mixing the fruit with sugar, you need to ensure that all the sugar is dissolved. To shift mashed potatoes in a glass container will be approximately six hours. Stored this product should be in cool place.

Harvesting for the future of Saskatoon berries shadberry receive in Russia the increasing popularity, they are used for desserts, their dried and dried, thermally treated and frost, used as stuffing for pies. Dried Irga was called "Northern cheese".

Ignorant difficult to prepare from Saskatoon juice, as fresh berries, it is practically not pressed. However, laying out the fruits of amelanchier in a layer of about five inches, of about a week (maximum 10 days) will be able to squeeze out of the fruit almost 70% of the valuable juice. This process is called wilting berries of amelanchier.

You also need to take into account the fact that the taste of Irga fresh-sweet, because of the small content in the fruit organic acids, so it is advisable to connect the game with other acidic fruits, or add in the processing of citric acid.

Saskatoon is not only a good honey plant and excellent fruit tree, it is also a popular ornamental plant and is used for devices hedges.

Infusion and decoctions of the first blossoms take in hypertensive disease States, and in diseases heart failure is one of the best folk hypotensive and cardiotonic funds from mother nature.

In the modern world, throughout the world, Saskatoon is widely used as a food product. Fruit take food in any form – dried, dried, frozen. Of these, jam, prepare compote and fruit drinks. Dried berries are familiar to consumers under the name “currant” in the literature can be found the name as “Northern cheese”.

Given that Saskatoon has a low content of organic acids, when cooked the jam for the game it is recommended to add more acidic fruits.

For example, a compote of Saskatoon with Apple, currants (black or red), raspberries. Overall proportions for the preparation of 1 liter of the drink - 700g of Saskatoon and 300g currants. Place washed berries in banks, fill syrup (1 liter water:400-500g of sugar).

Jam. The berries are sorted, blanched for 2-3 minutes; ready to sleep in 60% sugar syrup, bring to a boil over low heat. Allow to infuse for the night. Cook a little longer. When you are ready, it is recommended to add citric acid (1 g: 1l).

Natural juice of Saskatoon. Berries it is desirable to maintain in a dry place for 5-6 days. Squeeze the juice, mix it with sugar (for 1 liter:300g of sugar), heated until dissolved, pour into container, roll covers.

However, you should always remember that the Irga has a wonderful calming effect. It can be taken in any form at night, for a relaxed and healthy sleep. Accordingly, it is not advisable after taking compote or jam from Saskatoon, to sit behind the wheel or engage in active operations, breaking and breaking the inner spirit of the body.



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