Top 10 most extravagant female characters Soviet cartoons

For most kids cartoon heroes are role models, because often they show the brave prince, which want to be like the boys and fragile princesses, which imitate the girls. But often such characters prevailed in the old Disney cartoons, as in the Soviet Union was dominated by surrealism and psychedelia. But even among Soviet cartoons creepy characters you can find real beauties who admired the Soviet kids.

A female fish from the cartoon "The blue sea of ​​white foam»

This amazing creature with a fish tail instead of legs, a woman's body and fish instead of a head with another tail at the back. Singing voice being Anahit Kanachyan. Songs, calling the boy to stay and be a king, and his view of the creature left a deep imprint in the psyche of Soviet children. Especially the boys.

The Snow Queen

A female dominant, a female ice. Animated sculpture in the style of socialist realism. It is like yesterday descended from the pedestal to suppress the will of the young spectator.

Mom Kid

Toddlers beautiful mother. Low rise in the ranking due to its low self-esteem. It symbolizes a woman tortured marriage. Cartoon advance prepares girls to the fate of tired housewife with three kids and inattentive husband.

Atamansha from the "Bremen Town Musicians»

Daring woman, all in front of her. Supervises scantily clad gang of robbers in furry hats. It shows the young audience a beautiful life with cards, money and trunks. But there is a caveat. Atamansha singing voice actor Oleg Anofrieva.

Red Flower

The youngest daughter of a merchant. With two quarrelsome and mercantile sisters could stay smart, beautiful, Tikhonov. Also ready for self-sacrifice. All the good girl, the wife of the Soviet ideal. Sixth place for excessive humility.


The girl got out of life, she grew up unloved stepchild at the wicked stepmother. But she was lucky with the cross, and thereby left. The image of Cinderella teaches young audience that not everything is solved diligence. A little bit of magic, a pair of mice, and the case is ready. Fifth place for the lucky.

Frog Princess

There would be an ideal wife, if not for a background bad. All these old things with Koshcheev frog skin and greatly spoiled the blood of the young Ivan. And so, yes. And the skilled worker and can dance, and a darn good.

The housekeeper Bok

The woman in the body, confident, economical, with a nice share of craziness - all Ms. Bok. That, Madam. How many Soviet boy she conceived the idea of ​​BDCM. Although such abbreviations in those carefree years they did not know.

Mom Uncle Fyodor

Wonderful, mysterious character. In the first part of a trilogy about Buttermilk she was graceful, beautiful and had the first organic breast size.
The second part of the artists become generous, apparently deciding that the young audience is ready. Chest my mom grew up caressing gaze number three. Not for nothing in the summer, it has no village, but the resort wearing a dress parade. During this period, her chances for victory in the ranking were higher than ever before.
It is not known what went wrong, but the Soviet boys saliva waited for the final series, was disappointed. Once the sexy milf much passed. Maybe the cause is censorship "Soyuzmultfilm" or something else, but my mother Uncle Theodore sang the famous song about "had it not been winter" has zero size. The collapse of the pain and the first sexual confusion.

Princess of the "Bremen Town Musicians»

And the winner of the beauties of our ranking of Soviet animation. Princess from the "Bremen Town Musicians". She is beautiful literally everyone: tall, slender, defiant voice is good. Its extremely short dress and flawless figure still causes uneven sighs in boys and develops an inferiority complex in girls. Against the background chubby Pope is particularly good.

Out of competition

Despite the fact that Soviet children hated puppet cartoons, these girls are considered to be the heroines honored and cited paintings. But that is not less than their images injure the child's psyche.


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