Returning to his childhood: the top 10 most memorable beauties of Soviet cartoons.

The uniqueness of the Soviet cartoons repeatedly recalled in the discussions. A large proportion of this falls on the uniqueness of the characters. Yes, the heroes of Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks and other giants of animation is very nice and sweet, but Russian characters have their own unique charm, due to which sometimes are able to defeat the most advanced effects "of foreign" studios. Meet - the ten most interesting, cute, bizarre and a memorable cartoon characters of our childhood!

10. "In the blue sea, white foam." Female fish! B>
Honorary tenth place gets a flash of insight, perfectly anticipated the situation on the national stage today. Fish instead of a head, two tails, and even sings. So prepared psyche Soviet children to a glorious future.

9. "The Snow Queen". Glavzlodeyka! B>
Here multipliers have done their job perfectly well. Antagonistka film received exactly the what and should be - a classically beautiful, with perfectly smooth facial features, a good (as you can see) figure, and thus all the grim and frightening. The effect of "uncanny valley" was still unknown, but the creator of the creators of the cartoon that did not stop him to put into practice.

8. "The Kid and Carlson." Little Mama. B>
Cute and sweet, mother of the kid is not able to climb higher on our list because of the general sad way. Mother of three children, a housewife, an inattentive husband and no miracles.

7. "The Bremen Town Musicians". Atamansha. B>
This virago, leading a life of strong, independent women in the days of chivalry! All attributes are in place - money, weapons, music, half-naked men and the voice of Oleg Anofrieva.

6. "The Scarlet Flower". Nastya, the youngest daughter of a merchant. B>
Beauty and the clever, does not lend itself lost its savor her sisters lust for wealth. Ready to take responsibility for their words and actions, is able even to make sacrifices! Unfortunately, the above sixth place it does not let too quiet character.

5. "Cinderella". The main heroine. B>
Fairy tale, at all times, teaching the children that diligence will not help without outside help. Indeed, if the fairy godmother was not poor Cinderella would have worked from dawn to dusk until old age, and the Prince would have seen a couple of times in life, and far away in the carriage. Fifth place exclusively at a very nice panache.

4. "Princess Frog". The main heroine. B>
Beautiful, intelligent, all have time at home, but all these intrigues with the frog's skin, and the restrictions imposed on her with her husband abandoned circumstances lifestyle, slightly spoil the impression. And these figures in fairy tales enough, remember the same Vasilisa the Wise. For communication with Koshcheev and unoriginal - only the fourth place.

3. "The Kid and Carlson." Bok, the housekeeper. B>
... Or should I say - domomuchitelnitsa? Inimitable, incredibly charming way, remembered everyone. A considerable share of its popularity played a model - adored, famous, ironic and wise actress Faina Ranevskaya, with which the character of the Soviet animated film was scrapped and out. Fully deserves its place in the top 3 of the rankings.

2. "Three from Prostokvashino". My mother's uncle Theodore. B>
The character of mystery. Comic conspiracy theories make sense of this mini-cartoon series run on the network for a long time, and its role there interpreted very broadly. It helps to this the fact that in each series of the "Three" of its paint differently. Each woman must be some mystery, and that mystery has helped mum ardent animal lover to climb to second place.

1. "The Bremen Town Musicians". Princess. B>
"The Bremen Town Musicians" at all - very shocking illustration. Against whom have managed to not only the authors of a joke! Frankly "hipparskie" based on the cartoon is not relished censorship, but really liked the audience. The image of the princess, bright, rebellious, and so unlike the classic princesses Soviet animation, and still is one of the favorite of the audience - like the young, and have seasoned. Proud and deserved the first place.

Out of competition, and it is worth mentioning some of the heroines of the Soviet puppet animation. In particular, I remember, and the most charming of them, in my opinion, are - old woman Shapoklyak, according to legend, deducted from Tiffany's art director. The rating I have not included them in the first place because of the ambiguous relationship to the viewer stop motion in general. At that time, as the one she liked, others expressed outright hostility, and the third doll just scared. Too diverse is the reaction to them.

You liked this rating? I do not agree with him? Share with your friends and the composition of them your own - it will definitely be interesting!

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