Svetobudilnik in action - sunrise manually

I think almost everyone would agree that one of the major causes of health problems of modern man - a violation of sleep. A side effect of ubiquitous information technology proved a global violation of internal biorhythms rights: many people are working at night, late fall and early to rise. Direct the development of civilization in a different direction is not possible, so the output - to seek a solution to its cause. Modern technologies, such as Taras Bulba: sleep problems engendered, and it is her and fix.

Unfortunately, the devices can speed up the recovery of strength, replacing hours of sleep a few minutes, does not yet exist. But there is a device makes it easier to bear the consequences of improper sleep. We are talking about "Svetobudilnike", thanks to which possible slight revival.

Operating principle
Based on the principle of light exposure on sleep are rooted in the peculiarities of the synthesis of melatonin. It is a hormone that regulates the frequency of sleep, its secretion is subject to circadian rhythms: in normal conditions, 70% of melatonin is produced at night. Since the increase of illumination reduces the production of this hormone, then in the morning, shortly after sunrise, the human body has to go into a state of wakefulness. But if a man sleeps with the curtains closed, or live in an area where it is constantly overcast, then perfected thousands of years the scheme ceases to work, and by the time the alarm clock sleepy yet passed. And if you have to get up before sunrise, which is often true in the winter time, the easy awakening becomes an unattainable dream for many.

To solve this problem and provides svetobudilnik. For 30 minutes before the bell, he slowly begins to increase brightness by simulating sunrise, and a decrease in melatonin secretion contributes to easy awakening. This idea seemed too interesting to not check it. So, svetobudilnik me, and my impression of its use - in this review.

The first acquaintance
When I brought a box of svetobudilnikom wife he decided that there should be at least 10 alarms. It is clear that the volume of the box is often several times larger than the object inside it, but the size of the gadget in any way impressive. This is understandable: it is not just an alarm clock and a lamp. Approximate dimensions in inches - 19 in the base 15 and 28 in height.

Despite the impressive size and weight of the device is 900 grams - obviously, most of the volume is achieved at the expense of the upper cap, which serves to focus more uniform illumination. Trying to remove it and look at the lights did not succeed.
The length of the power cord at first I did not seem particularly important, because I want to stay svetobudilnik on the computer desk where the outlet is located in the immediate vicinity. But more about that later ...

Getting Started
With connecting wires no problems: foolproof complete - all three jacks on the rear panel of different insert anything wrong to fail. But postings serving antenna, it would not hurt to provide clips or Velcro.

Setting the time and alarm, too, it was intuitively simple, did not even need to look in the user manual: clamp the button «Set» for 3 seconds, and the rest reguliruesh arrows left and right. But I will not describe in detail the process of setting up svetobudilnika - it's all there in the instructions. I'll tell you about the results of testing the gadget.

Sound modes
Quality built-in sounds quite satisfactory, at the hearing - MP3 256 kbit / s. Sound waves with a cry of gulls quite natural, leaving himself at the alarm clock. Receiver covers the entire FM band - from 87, 5 to 108 MHz. Save radio stations can not, every time you need to include auto search. But the special problems with it - too much frequency is very fast. But to test the playback of MP3, had to buy an adapter minijack-minijack (male to male). Pretty unusual for playback devices seen as an input interface jack plug instead. I have to say, to use the MP3 playback in svetobudilnike makes sense only in the column. If you put the MP3 alarm clock, you need to loop on the player or the desired ringtone, or put it on another timer to sound at the right time.

Light modes
For me, the most useful alternative function svetobudilnika turned out to use as a table lamp. It is very convenient when the brightness of the lamp is adjustable, so my old lamp in the same evening left her post. To create a certain mood, lighting can be switched on in one of 7 preset colors, or enable Relax, switch the color every few seconds. However, in all of these color modes adjust brightness will not happen.

A couple of times in handy mode Snooze - who does not like to sleep "15 more minutochek"? Enable is possible at any time wanted to sleep, but sleep for a long time - a luxury. Pretty convenient that pressing the button on top of a huge alarm does not disable it completely, but also lays the next attempt to wake up the host for 10 minutes.

But volatility testing revealed the main disadvantage gadget: during a power failure the time settings slipping. Therefore, those who live in an area with an unstable supply of electricity in the morning can wait a nasty surprise in the form of a call from an angry boss. If you do not use the UPS, of course. It is worth noting that if the pull the plug out of the socket and then stick, the failure does not happen - at least half a second to stabilize cliffs, apparently capacitors inside svetobudilnika.

Intended use
It's time to go to the description of my impressions of the basic function "Svetobudilnika" - awakening with light. To conclude whether the theory with a slight revival by the action of light, I spent in their own skin a series of experiments.

It so happened that the first two days after the receipt of svetobudilnika I had a very busy schedule with work: had to go to bed late and wake up early. In the first of these two days, I did not rely on the novelty, and took, as usual, an alarm clock on your phone. And the next day I wake is my new gadget. The differences I felt nothing. I decided that when extreme fatigue melatonin is not particularly affect the ease of waking up and moved to the second series of experiments. Fortunately, work is allowed.
In the second experiment, I went to 23-30, getting up at 7 am - a standard for me to sleep. Again, the first day I got up on the phone, and the second - on svetobudilniku, and again I felt a tangible difference. I would have been disappointed in Svetobudilnike the entire electronics industry at the same time, but decided to first look more closely at the essence of the statement. It turned out that the right effect svetobudilnik should be in the 40-50 cm from the head, and I put it on the table in a good couple of meters away from the bed.

So we had to go by the third series of experiments. For her, I temporarily adapted as a bedside table wooden stool, which has set up its hopes for easy lifting. Six-foot power cord had the butt, but hanging wire in the middle of the room I did not like, and I had to use an extension cord. But I commend the works: the first day of the experiment, I woke up before the alarm. I can not say that just woke up refreshed as after a liter of hot espresso, but by the time the first cry of gulls, and I was sitting off the alarm until it woke up his wife and child.

Very handy thing. There are also disadvantages, such as a failure time when power is off, tight buttons (to push some of them, we have to hold the gadget hand, otherwise it will slide on the table), but for me they do not play a big role. But the pros were very significant. I'm pleased.

P.S. h3>
While this article was written, in the company of a new version of Dadzhet Svetobudilnika. Key features: a substantially lower price, unlimited number of colors and the ability to save your settings when you turn off the power.

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He здесь. On the same link you can buy an older version - about which, in fact, the entire review. But, alas, without the discount.



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