Valentine Dushutina: "I want Kiev associated with order and decency"

A. -Valentina why you need a trip to the deputies?

-Don't Want to pathos. But I really want to help Kiev to get out of the state, to which he brought over nine years of thoughtless management and cheap populism. Even there, a government? City systemically and systematically murdered, turning from a thriving metropolis in the depressed town that looks advantageous only in the background even more depressed regions. And that - not all. You know that Kiev today occupies only eighth place in the standard of living among the cities of Ukraine? My opinion - this is unacceptable.

-Your achievements as head

-Pozhaluy Most memorable to me personally - when 33 years was appointed director of the Central House of Culture, which to me for 30 years, led to the era of man-DRC. It was necessary to take the economy and prepare for the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the House. Funding minimum, two-story building, a log boiler. Heating available. And the director of everything else should still be assistant manager, even, for the most part, they are. It was necessary to establish a connection with all the services area, and, literally collecting world on a string - where the nails where the board as to demand.
On the other hand - in the DRC more than a dozen groups, whose leaders are older than me. And with them, too, it was necessary to find a common language, without infringing their interests and ambitions and create a harmonious artistic ensemble. Well, can not be discounted and challenging interaction with the "freedom-loving" team members - locksmiths, painters, drivers who strove to organize an unauthorized vacation. So it was on what and on whom the character of temper.
But you know, that's when I realized - I like the job of a manager. And I get to do it. It turns out to form a team, focus on results.

-Work in the Kyiv City Council and management of the company - not quite the same thing. You ready for this?

-In Fact, the difference is not so great as it might seem at first glance. And the most important - I know how to manage, work in a team, to navigate the new environment and that is very important, I am able to negotiate and make decisions. Yes, a challenge for me personally is the case, but it does not go beyond my capabilities.

Why is Ednіst?

-This Is directly related to the task that I set myself. Aleksendr Omelchenko - the man and the mayor, in which Kiev has become a truly European capital. When the real valued case, the system infrastructure, the creation of jobs. We valued business qualities, not the ability or inability to give an interview. The same requirements for his team makes Alexander now. So the question is no choice for me was something difficult and painful.

-With all due respect to AA - Do not you think that his time as mayor and politicians of the past?

-We Have a very distorted idea of ​​the age criteria and human capabilities at a certain age. This is the first. Among the people I know there are people aged 70+, who, by their condition - both intellectually and in relation to life, its perception will give odds are much younger. Alexander Omelchenko is just one of them. His energy and ideas to be envied.
And secondly, Kiev needs now is not a politician, and handyman. Who is no stranger to how to manage such a complicated structure as a huge city. Who knows how to put his team specific tasks aimed at development of their offspring. Which, in the end, not hung to deceive.
I'm fairly detailed response?

-If you are elected, what will you do in the first place?

-The First thing I will ensure that all funds allocated to my district, to the penny has been spent it on his needs. A lot of problems: here and housing, and the relation to the area as an optional outskirts. I categorically disagree. This is a very interesting area, with its history, besides, one of the greenest. So - again, I will not be up to the palace intrigues. And it is not my. I want to Kiev associated with order and decency.


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