If Disney princesses were of other nationalities

Like Sleeping Beauty would look like if the action tale place in Rome or Egypt? Artists blog «Let There Be Doodles» decided to dream up on this topic and redrew Disney princesses as if they belonged to a completely different ethnic groups. We are in the Website believe that many of the princess became even more attractive and interesting.

Ariel, "The Little Mermaid» h3> cf24e4f790.jpg

Cinderella "Cinderella» h3> a30931db71.jpg

Belle, "Beauty and the Beast» h3> daa4bf7649.jpg

Megara, "Hercules» h3> cda6a83d84.jpg

Aurora "The Sleeping Beauty» h3> d6a54ea3cd.jpg

Tiana, "The Princess and the Frog» h3> d87cff9686.jpg

Pocahontas "Pocahontas» h3> 7c8b06bb47.jpg

Jasmine, "Aladdin» h3> ce672be2af.jpg

Snow White "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs» h3> 22ad26aaf5.jpg

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