How did the bridal fashion over the last 100 years


Times are changing, and this is reflected most clearly in the fashion. Changes are not only exposed to everyday wear, but also wedding dresses. Creative Channel Mode introduced a three-minute video about how to change the appearance of the bride for the last 100 years.

We are in the Website believe that every bride is charming and glows with happiness, because those making them do not dress.

The end of a beautiful Art Nouveau h3> ed95f7bba6.jpg

Jazz Age h3> e213e6a107.jpg

The strict tailoring and luxury Hollywood h3> 9c9fc1e21c.jpg

The post-war fashion h3> 589e9157d6.jpg

New look h3> 76440d5205.jpg

Long live the full skirt h3> 4f990791a8.jpg

The bride hippie h3> 87c2663c61.jpg

The Bold 80 h3> e086caa057.jpg

The classic image h3> 6542130c69.jpg

Minimalist zero h3> c34568384f.jpg

The simplicity and elegance h3> 6b6f1fcbf5.jpg



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