15 films with complex plot and unexpected finale

Every movie fan knows: the more complex and confusing plot, kept in suspense from the first minute, the fascinating picture. Detectives, thrillers and science fiction - films in which the audience is always wander through the maze of subplots and faced with the unexpected.

Website has made a small selection of where each picture - a fascinating spectacle.

Timecop h3>

Future. Scientists have created a time machine, and with the invention the world has entered a new round of civilization. Thanks to the invention have an opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past to make the present better.

A side effect h3>

Emily psychological problems began when her husband was imprisoned. Four years later, he comes out and Emily depressed and seems to be trying to commit suicide. Therapist assigns her medication, but the Emily wants to make a new drug, which she advises colleague.

Fracture h3>

Assistant District Attorney is caught up in an elaborate game of "cat and mouse" a man who tried to kill his own wife, but avoided prison thanks to an absurd bureaucratic error.

Body h3>

Truck knocks down a man running away from someone or something in a panic. Arrived on the police find out that it is - a night watchman from a nearby morgue. So unfortunate that so frightened?

Wild Things h3>

17-year-old Kelly falls in love with his teacher, Sam. She uses all sorts of ways to get his attention, but to no avail. And when she does not get the desired, it begins to take revenge. And Kelly comes to the aid of her friend. But soon she realizes that is only a pawn of foul play ...

1408 h3>

Famous writer Mike Enslin, composes his novels in the genre of horror, he decides to settle in the notorious room 1408 of the hotel "Delfin", even suggesting what a nightmare turn the upcoming night.

13 sins h3>

Elliott Brindle - welfare officer, drowning in debt. Everything changes when the telephone rang. He becomes a participant in a TV show where you have to perform a total of 13 jobs at stake and an impressive prize. But all is not so simple: it is not you play, you play here.

Who am h3>

Benjamin - a young computer genius. But in the real world he is - no. Not wanting to live in a tough part of the system, it performs a series of daring cybercrime. But what awaits him after immersion into an alternate reality? Who is he really? After all, everyone sees what he wants to see.

The Skin I Live In h3>

The world-famous surgeon Robert Ledgard discovered the secret of creating an artificial human skin. He assures colleagues that makes experiments on mice, but secretly keeps locked up in his country house, a young woman named Faith, which is the main subject of his experiments.

Smokin 'Aces h3>

A former protégé of gangster boss, successful stage magician decides to appear in court to testify against his former friends. Behind his head gangster bounty of $ 1 million. FBI tries to hide it, but he stubbornly appears in public, attracting dozens of assassins.

Headhunters h3>

Roger Brown - "bounty hunter", an expert on the selection of top-managers for the largest firms - living beyond its means, and taking advantage of his official position, stealing expensive paintings from applicants for executive positions. But suddenly the "hunter" he transformed into a "prey».

Oblivion h3>

Earth survived the war with alien invaders, was empty; the remnants of mankind are preparing to leave the planet unfit for life. The protagonist manages to save just one woman - and he soon realizes that it will change his life.

American Hustle h3>

The plot of the film is a real special operation, which was conducted in the late 70s - early 80s, whose purpose was to investigate cases of trafficking in stolen goods. Subsequently, the operation turned into a denunciation of corruption at various levels of government.

On the verge h3>

Ex-policeman accused of a crime he allegedly did not commit, is going to commit suicide, to throw off the roof. With him in the negotiations enter the police psychologist. Tension is growing by the minute, it is only the innocent can be forced so high.

Detective h3>

A successful author of detective stories Andrew Wyke invites his guests Milo Tindla, his wife's lover. He arrives at the luxurious mansion of the writer, where he received an unexpected offer. Sir Andrew knows about the relationship of his wife and Milo, and is even ready to get a divorce, but under certain conditions.

Of course, this is not all films worthy of attention of moviegoers. Therefore, we take great pleasure honor in the comments about your favorite pictures, which, in your opinion, is missing in this collection.

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